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#53 - messier (12/20/2012) [-]
Alright guys, every time I give oral to a girl the taste of the pussy is unpleasant and i just force myself to it, anybody else got this problem?
User avatar #72 to #53 - Sinless (12/20/2012) [-]
It is an acquired taste when applied to most women, because most women don't eat healthily. But when a women eats healthily, lots of fruits and vegetables , their wetness can taste good. One of my ex's ran college track, she was athletic and rarely put junk into her body. Her juices tasted good, even when she was really sweaty.

The same goes for men, our semen tastes better when we eat healthier. One of my most recent achievements was when this chick in my biology class told me I had the best tasting semen she's ever had. Thank god for homecooking.
#71 to #53 - dragonofhate (12/20/2012) [-]
Some people say when a lady eats alot of fruit or pineapple juice, her pussy will taste better, look some of these things up online. :) there might be something to help. oh and for guys we are suppose to eat a lot of protein :) look it up and you'll see why.
User avatar #64 to #53 - marcello (12/20/2012) [-]
Get used to it. I don't think it's that bad, kind of like a salty battery.
User avatar #61 to #53 - syis (12/20/2012) [-]
You think that your cock tastes like burrito?
User avatar #69 to #61 - blackleather (12/20/2012) [-]
At least he's reciprocating instead of simply forcing his girl to suck him off without him doing the same. Gotta give hime credit for that.
User avatar #67 to #61 - TarnRazor (12/20/2012) [-]
Cock tasted normal to me. Like skin pretty much.
#63 to #61 - anonymous (12/20/2012) [-]
at least its a solid object. Just a flesh taste as long as you wash it as far as I've been told. A vagina is wet and more slimy. Not really appealing
#56 to #53 - bearbar (12/20/2012) [-]
Just go down on girls who wash... I absolutely love doing it
User avatar #58 to #56 - asschwitz (12/20/2012) [-]
It's not that they don't wash. It's the taste of the liquid that comes out that I think he is talking about, it's not a very pleasant taste.
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