I'm so glad I saw this. I'm still lolling.. semi-related sasuke is kinda Gay
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I personally think that sasuke is a little emo bitch, who acts like a retarded unpredictable child. Literally one of my most hated characters in the series. First he wants revenge for his brother, gets revenge, still stays evil because tobi persuaded him with literally 2 sentences and the ********* logic ever which goes against everything his brother stood for. Acts all high and mighty with his new crew, then out of ******* no where, character development gets eaten and **** out and he becomes a narcissistic psychotic violent killer that is pure evil and just seeks to kill people out of "avenging itachi" (nearly kills karin in the process), then he meets itachi resurrected and turns into a crybaby bitch again and itachi explains everything to him and he cries and **** , but for some ******* reason he still stays evil. Whats worse is naruto keeps running after him like a dumbass, because they have some homoerotic thing going on. Plus how many ******* sharingan powers are they going to have, I remember when people used to have arguments about what was stronger sharingan or byakugan, but now its like, oh theirs 3 mangekyo techniques, oh wait theres two forbidden ones as well, oh wait you can turn it into a rinnegan. I mean I read naruto because ive been following it for a long time and its an okish read, but the directing and character development is just pure **** , like what the **** happened to that naruto hinata thing during the pain arc. For naruto fanboys that can't handle constructive criticism, its probably because you have never seen an anime that isn't shonen or isn't less than 100 episodes.
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HFW naruto kissed him.
HFW naruto kissed him.
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i hate sasgay he was cool before shippuden than he just kept 			*******		 up
i hate sasgay he was cool before shippuden than he just kept ******* up
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I'm not a fan of Naruto, so I'm not going to comment.
I don't want to get pulled into a discussion.
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he said with a comment.
he said with a comment.
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Did that last chapter rip anyone's heart?
Did that last chapter rip anyone's heart?
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Is Sasuke pronounced Sa-soo-kay or Sas-kay?
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oh god my sides....
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which episode is that from?
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Can someone tag me in this?
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- Tie Sasuke to a wall
-line up every character, alive or dead, one by one
-each character punches him in the dick till he dies
that would be the best episode of Naruto ever.
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**buttholee rolled a random image posted in comment #2045696 at FJ RPG **
Well would you just look at the time?
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