He'll just die again. Already posted this once, but forgot to post to animemanga.. igi, wean. I Imam. Yeah... krillin. skeletor up in this bitch
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#1 - meanmamajama (06/02/2012) [-]
Yeah... krillin.
Yeah... krillin.
User avatar #2 - russiankadenskii (06/02/2012) [-]
and yamcha.....
User avatar #8 - ChiefJhanO (06/02/2012) [-]
#4 - alwaysreadthetags (06/02/2012) [-]
"He must've been made of something weak, like paper-mache....or Raditz " (teamfour star nappa quote)
User avatar #5 - xfortune (06/02/2012) [+] (2 replies)
I don't understand, i thought the Dragon Balls can only bring someone back to life twice, hence goku was an angel in GT (I never watched all of it but i remember him being an angel)
User avatar #3 - beanmaniac (06/02/2012) [-]
and goku after the epic boss fight
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