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The Magneton phenomenon can be explained using physics. The Magnemites are held together in a way similar to how protons and neutrons are held together in an atom's nucleus. It is said that Magnemite fly using very strong magnetic fields, so logically, if one could bring two Magnemite together, they would start repelling each other strongly around distances of 3~5 meters, after that, bringing them together would be impossible for a human.

Even if you look in the picture, you can see each individual Magnemite's arms are next to each other with same poles (red with red, blue with blue). As we have known through playing with magnets, opposite sides attract, like sides repel. The amount of energy needed to bring two Magnemites, not even considering three, is enormous. So according to our formula E = m(c^2), we can deduce that as the weight (mass) of the system increases, the energy of the system also increases.