Code Geass inside joke. MUTHA ORANGES!!!.
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I prefer Lemons
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Coke Geass
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I always imagine him and Anya working at Nami and Nojikos Orange-Farm in One Piece at the End of CG.

Code Geass in the One Piece-Universe would be so weird. Imagine how hard Lelouch would flip his **** if he learned about the Tenryuubito. I mean, the Aristocrats of Britannia were bad enough, but these guys...
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his commander (after the orange incident) once told him "you have two options: 1. start a new as a pilot, or 2. fly an orange flag... and believe me, both are better than working for the rest of your life on an orange farm." or something like that
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That guy looks like he could use some honor.
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