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User avatar #207 - electrickwalrus ONLINE (08/05/2013) [-]
User avatar #213 to #207 - pictureperfectt (08/05/2013) [-]
Bro, your pic sorta looks like a brain-robot (forgot the name) from either fallout 1 or 2...
Is it? Or is it just some random .gif...
User avatar #232 to #213 - electrickwalrus ONLINE (08/05/2013) [-]
it's a robobrain from fallout 2 i believe
User avatar #224 to #213 - rymes (08/05/2013) [-]
it is (99% sure), and it's called a Robobrain
User avatar #225 to #224 - pictureperfectt (08/05/2013) [-]
I love the robo-brains...I just find them neat.
User avatar #226 to #225 - rymes (08/05/2013) [-]
always happy to help a fellow Fallout fan (oh, and they were also in the two newest Fallout games (3 and New Vegas))

i love their apologetic comments as they try and kill you
User avatar #228 to #226 - pictureperfectt (08/05/2013) [-]
Well, yeah, I know that,
but I was refering to the graphics of the robobrain itself

Yeah, and as do I XD
So, question, if you know, if they've been around since the war, how have their brains managed to stay...uh...moisturized? Moist?
User avatar #233 to #228 - rymes (08/05/2013) [-]
ahhh, okay then, fair enough

ummm, that's actually a good point considering that in New Vegas [INCONSEQUENTIAL SPOILER ALERT] you have to take The King's dog, Rex, to replace his brain as his current one has almost completely... deteriorated? so no, i don't know... perhaps because they were of a higher importance than robodogs they received better technology which either keeps their brains fresher for longer or regenerates them, and keeps them nice and new?

although, again in New Vegas [SLIGHTLY LESS INCONSEQUENTIAL DLC SPOILER ALERT] when you go to the Big MT. in one of the facilities there you can continually create new robobrains, so perhaps there are more places like that all across America and there have just been new robobrains being created continuously..?
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