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#272 - thisotherdude
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(01/17/2013) [-]
Since there's still a few people asking (and since this is probably the only time I'll get to use this newly made image and I don't want it to go to waste having never seen the light of day)
User avatar #316 to #272 - mailboxhead
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(01/17/2013) [-]
Could I get the original image and the name of the artist?
User avatar #335 to #316 - panzervor
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(08/05/2014) [-]
artist is called okayado or somthin close to that
User avatar #317 to #316 - thisotherdude
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(01/17/2013) [-]
I don't know the artist, the image is a character from a eroge visual novel game (there was an English translation patch in the work, and so far no one said they stopped working on it, but they started working on it since 2009 and the last update was in 2011, so I assume it won't happen)

Anyway, you can see several pictures of this particular lamia it here:
(the link should have gotten you straight to page 21 but if it didn't, it's on page 21)