Anime weekly discussion Board. Hey guys! I am posting my weekly stuff early because I am going to a anime convention tomorrow. Anyways last weeks discussion was Anime manga Traps discuss
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Anime weekly discussion Board

Hey guys! I am posting my weekly stuff early because I am going to a anime convention tomorrow. Anyways last weeks discussion was great and everyone gave good answers. This week I would like to talk about traps and gender confused characters. Why? because they are amusing on a level in which they conflict either the other characters or you yourself. Like Professor Oaks once quoted "Are you a boy? or a girl?" Often times there comes along a character in which we classify the gender of, and even then the writers and illustrators will give mixed messages. For example most often time the unknown character will be flat chested and have a boyish voice that ties with a feminine sound. They also dress in boy cloths and act shy. These characters often drive people crazy because they want to know the true gender of the character and that those types of characters are commonly found in fan fictions as the creators desired gender (ex. yuri/yaoi <- did I spell that right?). My most recent discovery was Mariendal from Ixion Sags DT, though you immediately find out she is a he (plays "Dude looks like a lady!"). He is pretty funny at times like you know when girls go kya!~ and "IT IS SO CUTE!~ "KAWAIEE!!~~~" ans **** like that? well imagine that voice in a deep mans voice starting from girly to deep tone...... lost your boner yet? Also the fact that he had a boob job and has a beach episode does not help...... there are other traps out there but I will let you guys talk about them. Which one is your favorite? ( No that does not make you gay) Remember the rules no weabo calling or any of that **** . Have fun commenting and subscribe if you would like! Also check out my weekly anime/manga recommendation!

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Submitted: 01/12/2013
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#4 - jmrpful (01/12/2013) [+] (8 replies)
#1 - thatguyuthinkuknow ONLINE (01/12/2013) [-]
Ruka Urushibara, probably because there was that brief few episodes where he actually was a girl... so i just imagine that all the pictures were taken in that time
User avatar #8 - desuberniis (01/13/2013) [-]
"I have alzheimer's, whats my grandsons name again??" INPUT NAME..... "Oh yes.... ASSHAT, that's right."
#5 - kureizikitsune (01/12/2013) [-]
Watarase Juu from anime Happiness!

It is a boy.
#2 - dezminh (01/12/2013) [-]
Btw this is what (s)he looks like...
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