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#16 - grimsho (11/29/2012) [-]
Kyubey is far more evil than the Kyuubey, and even Kyubey has his own motives and can be understood, rather than being a singularly evil-minded entity. The Kyuubey however, is just as evil as any other animal. It does not destroy because of ulterior motives, or a grand plot that it is orchestrating, but rather because it is genetically/magically programmed to destroy. It's only following its maser instincts. Kyubey, however, (spoilers) purposefully harvests the souls of ************ girls against their will, which is infinitely more evil than the Kyuubey. And even then, the incubators are only evil from a human perspective. If we removed our species self-love, then we'd sympathise with Kyubey. After all, he's trying to prevent the universe from ending itself like a candle.
User avatar #36 to #16 - agonizingkingjake (11/30/2012) [-]
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