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User avatar #30 - drfreeman
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(08/07/2014) [-]
Men judge men. Women judge women. Of course men and women have their preferences when it comes to the other gender, but generally we are not offended when someone is outside of our preference. They are just "Not our type". When it comes to someone of the same gender, it doesn't matter what they are, they aren't you. Men have comparable traits, and we justify our own by degrading those of others within our own minds. Same goes for women. The complaints of feminism in regards to the objectification of women, although directed toward men, really are about the way women see each other. Every one of the things in this content has to do with how other men see you. Rarely will a female think you are a wimp for not liking sports. No woman would call a man stupid for being married.

TL;DR The logic used in this post is the same nonsensical logic that you see coming from feminists in the first place.
User avatar #95 to #30 - jeitron
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(08/07/2014) [-]
A long time ago I heard a saying that most women like to dress to impress other women, not men, women are clearly more judgmental when it comes to each others superficial qualities, it's the reason why men can wear the same old ass suit for decades while a woman will get a new dress for each occasion.

And this reminds me of the women who love to wear revealing clothes because it's "empowering" who will then watch a movie with another woman who's also wearing something revealing would say how shallow, sexist and misogynist the patriarchy is for having a woman degrade herself with those clothes.