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Anonymous ( Sun) 84588
Abercrombie stories time?
family fer thanksgiving weekend
family wants to gs black friday shopping
Hm not really interested in going anywhere es I' m tasked with watching my younger (15) cousin
sshe wants to gs to abercrombie first
her around and stand right ever her shoulder because I feel es out sf place and I don' t want anyone to think I' m shopping here
asks ifhe need any help
kl practically scream NC)
okay broguht let me know need anything"
glared at me
say "can we leave? The music is tee loud and this place smells"
youjust don' t 'get it,' anen_ Abercrombie isn' t about loud music and tacky brightly colered Polos"
It' s about waking up at the crack eddawg to run a mile with cornfield in your/ hemroid ‘% fleece heebie, and congratulate each other en ajob well done ever a steamy group
It' s about going down to the old creek with three guy friends and daring them to gs skinny dipping, and offering to gs first, stripping rugby shirt and signature
Abercrombie tattered jeans"
It' s about driving out to in the mountains fer a weekend and sucking off as many guys as yes can fit in the car."
Boeing to see what she' s talking about
signature athletic fit Polos in green, blue, and pink, twe pairs advantage made tattered denim, and abercrombie heebie and the FIERCE signature scent.
shew I am abercrombie.
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