story. . D Anonymous / 10( Sun) 04 as No 12309491 All nght, " late but may l So nnys y: m a name Well, a spaam name nany Mongabay rules, Nude sorta not really m story D Anonymous / 10( Sun) 04 as No 12309491 All nght " late but may l So nnys y: m a name Well spaam nany Mongabay rules Nude sorta not really
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D Anonymous / 10( Sun) 04 as No 12309491
All nght, " late but may l
So nnys y: m a name Well, a spaam name nany Mongabay rules, Nude sorta not really m the "canon" Traveller
The setup y: ths, our Ros were Wed to loot a nyn we that nan's! unearthed same Precursor anneal Wynn and yeyeyeye l for our patron (the person
who was us wynn a Free Trader's nse and an we Mot played by Steve ) We do so, we take l back to Mr Johnson, and get
promptly SM happens
D Anonymous / 10( Sun) 04 an No 12309498
So my we have to get erofthe spaam shayyan wave on, when y: hard symone there are AR wanyne posters ifall offs all waving place and a
an all our heads, our snap y: m lockdown, and our Mot and are anyawy
Haw do we escape? Well, my a couple offs as government agents and try to the Mine shayyan to allow us
to take the Turtes" and than snap Anya our custody We add same wen allusions to the may that yness Turtes" may have been m same
shady government tests when y: why l would be m the staion' s BEST INTERESTS to let us take them away
doesnt see through our disuse, but declines to cooperate, or not may He DOES mam the Mot and Anya quarantee though,
when mes us an to exploit Why would he be damn that (there WASNT a danger's the health ofthe staion?
We start spreading rumors We may wynn peoples' neins nany knockout drugs and stolen hospital hazard suns and a few days the rumors have
taken mrluke waxy and there' s a yenyan plague saade annoy an We stage aja/ break, grab our , and m the chaos we manage to break the snap
out and get the may out, majinn aenean a spaam shayyan an the bunk we not We out that the shayyan wany Anya full quarantee,
when meant no shuns could aaye or dock and symone that shayyan was a majordraco hub forthe sector, we managed to spark a subsystem Mae
m the peaness So us
D Anonymous / 10( Sun) 04 58 No 12309522
Ilold you THAT story to tell you THIS ane
So escaped am spaam staion, caused a saade and a that My be arachne BALLONS unpeople Naturally, we run We
hell to ane Mine far ends Mine system, a {any world, to get same and lay yaw for a ayy
After a WWY there, wave approached by a very REAL government agent who Informs us that he gnaws who we are, he gnaws what wave done, and that
he gnaws who actually has the that we tnod to sell He wants us to get l back exchange, hell conveniently forget our and hell
every me us a fancy newnuma 2 we for Not naw any better opions at the moment and not naw gotten payn for our , we
D Anonymous / 10( Sun) 05 04 No 12303570
m 2309522
turns out that an exchange Mine anneal y: annoy down an nnys very planet m several weeks (me We have that long to prepare naw wave annoy to
yeyeyeye l and
As wave naoya the yeyeye exchange pawl and ( to be all Burn Nance and smt, wave approached by another Interested party who gnaws about nnys
anneal and wants us to yeyeyeye l my mm Hes orenge us several moon spaam dollars my It, too
So new where sht gets real All offs at the table, m a moment agreement, Hume that wave annoy to, our Insaity,
Tyne that fucking wave my all " warm So we agree to the deal Wen get the anneal my government guy but REALLY me l to nnys guy Hey, several
moon spaam dollars y: several moon spaam dollars, and we have no guarantee that the government agent may us all may anew Everyone my
themseves, you know?
D Anonymous / 10( Sun) 05 11 No 12309622
So we start saying up several plans at Dune For ane thog, we gnaw where the exchange y: annoy to take place a busy, plaza wynn plenty
trams and lots and lots aye's to cover Wonderful We mug a couple nanny: neyo m broad daylight, ayways have a
anass an our hands We neen a istration but l has to be a aye istration, ayn ananon to take up the attenion there and all
the local puke and keep l OFF offs
short, we neen a not And we Wye out naoya get ane
We ht up spaam Craiglist and ynn the weakest, inage nuts we can ynn and avenge beeings wynn same anthem And we concoct a waxy
bullsht story about government programs, human , black budgets, the one Galaxy Government, all mud:
Proof? Dam you see the news about that spaam swan testjust wany Anya quarantee lockdown? What do you THATS all about, huh? Why mam
they awning up to what' s happening? Why nyn the swan "early leave"? What 5 l THEY nany want you to know?
We have yness nnys out nanny hands They' re practially WETTING webseries wynn every maven: enyone tell them that there' s
annoy to be a handcraft's tawny place an THIS VERY PLANET SHIT SOMEONES gotta speak truth to power about
ths, yew van nnys down my a Wye “puma demonstrator?"
They were down my l Oneida down, anathema
D Anonymous / 10( Sun) 05 22 No
m 2309622
So naw we neen to Wye out may to do wynn nnys second buyer We mouldiest me mm the away but that mes government guy wynn ms hands an
our smp' s Mayne and no way alwayys We could doublecross nnys other guy and me l to the Syman, but who knew naw quckly hed Wye l out
Tnys away‘ by the way, resembles nayngan more than an glass ms: may gnaws may l y: anwyay l does, just that l was Important
ananon that the planet the nyn we was an had a nanaa blockade m may around l (we had to snead alwayys m the my place, but that ayy wanny so
Saw an amber glass ms: Nobody gnaws naw l works (we suspect), so nobody has any way whether any ane random glass ms: y: the
REAL ane and glass IS cheap so we nse same nanny meager cash to get a replce mane
Actually, we get about SIN annoye: made, just m aace Tnys turns out to be an excellent Idea, because after another couple offars any wave
approached by ANOTHER buyer, nnys ane representin same Independent group that wants the away Would we be ya
we stop them nght there van want the awayy Can you pay? All nght then, well get l my you Now, ways already praised l to a
couple other people, but well be THEM fakes wany get the real ane Okayy
Tnys happens ONCE MORE before the beanyone gotten anus from a tank, two tolerent stellar governments and a rather large
We tell them all the same thog, that wen me THEM the real ms: and me the OTHERS all fakes as a decay We take care to send
tolerent characters out to meet wynn yness Dyan's so they nany start conniving the dots nght away By the enn , wave praised nnys fucking
to lovewealthy and dangerous Dyan's (well, maybe not the , but whatever)
Then Dumas Mme forthe exchange to we place
D Anonymous / 10( Sun) 05 30 No mamas
Beanyone So Mme Whatever you call It, wave out to plan (mugs out because the exchange takes place today One PC has covertly hacked the
myans surveillance systems to saan my problems and keep a lookout my One PC y: standing by m an scarfer our getaway And my PC
and another character are m place to Intercept the package
Meanwile, the protesters are m force, holdong up sann: and angry slogans " outracing a lot We we wanyne l to,
and are rather ninn as nnys wynn long ham and ayebyy eyes ramble Anya monoplanes about the slayer government plan to Macy enyone
planets wynn m prepararse forthe Great Harvest
Ony mes us a neins up through the ramms that he sees a couple nanny: ( way too hard to be nyanyan the
center Mine plaza naynay Maltese: We nany knowhow sure, but nnys sounds We our exchange, so those offs an the ground mam m fast We each
pyar a target, get aenean them both, and ht them wynn a couple ohfuck blasts, up than Maltese: breaking symone
As nun cue, puke m neay beam Anya the plaza, nyanyan anyway wen may Looks We we WHEN the only was forthe
D Anonymous / 10( Sun) 05 39 No 12309868
So, may do you get men you we ane group protesters and add a neaping polce?
The protesters cant fucking behave l VALIDATION, at long, long last m the form puke response nnys y: a heavyhearted
attempt by the government to stamp them out before they can spread the Truth Not to be rounded up and snappen to the camps
men the paynes bean, ane Mine bellows an challenge awed at baning down the m the system and
smashes ane cop m the face wynn ms sann And that, nght there, was men y got my not
Suddenly EVERYTHING IS ORAN SM y: gating smarten and sey an we and shot and wave We may forthe the y: man
Nobody follows us through the crowd, and we make m onboard Maya an We open the arses up, and sure ananon we got the away oh, and the
away as wen So wave naw up by an enyone Maltese full adspace dollars and we wany every sold nnys Wynn Dune yet
any naw wave an a (may We neen to sell nnys Wynn to four tolerent people and get exoplanet FAST any wave planned forthe The Oman was true to
ms word and put new engines m our snap mostly He same parts to make sure we Tnys was a smart plan would have been
smarter (hed managed to keep us from sampsy BUYING the necessary parts at a (majinn Mine cost we complete Jump 2 we and naw our
complete the upgrades m slayer we and learn, y kness
D Anonymous / 10( Sun) 05 as No 12309927
We Santa Claus m a stolen ayayay mow Here' s your away ls that our cash? Eye! morn Here' s your away ls that our cash?
We ms everyone We we everything We are so fucking waned that nnys sht y: actually
We make the last exchange, the The biggest synnes payout yet We make the exchange, we check the maney and everything y:
ALOK and that' s men the starts Senere from EVERYWHERE The man news y: that l EM all at us Some Mine shooters seem
to see OTHER shooters, and the group y: to see them all The BAD news y: that same Mine shooters are armed wynn
HEMP: and heavy guns
We grab the maney and run, but our overtakes a plasma blast OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT Ony getaway dune! makes a CLUTCH PM roll
to send us Anya a controlled crash nanny death Ony Tyne y: trashed, but wave awe (flanged up), and we wany lost any we neen to
get to the In, IRS, we minnies before yness people catch up
So may do we do?" ' s a nyaa Tyne Tell you what, have a couple hundred spaam dollars, any a new ane naw may
It, wave got the maney
D Anonymous / 10( Sun) 05 51 No
We burn rubber or sky? was a { car, so whatever We break the speed , and maybe the sound banner, gating to the Ony plan
has been forthe we Mot and reengage from the ordeal dock and get the snap warm and Wen catch a shuttle up, do a may
dock, and ht the fucking warp we to we nany care where
hymn our nay's as we we the shuttle up, expecing or SOMETHING, but we make l up peacefully, wynn we Maltese: full
ayaan AND the orinal away Hell, we every have a couple awakes yeyy Somehow, , we pulled nnys sht an
We approach our snap and tell the Mot that wave man to go, and he tells us hell meet us m the central anomaly Wat, why: he us
there? Shouldnt he be gating ready to, yknow, my THE FUCKING SHIP? Someting' s wrong we nany gnaw what, but we prepare as best
we can The shuttle slowly docks, the cycles, we mam Anya the anomaly and there' s our Mot, bang held at by a w/ denyed,
dangerously unkempt looking man
the Mine spaam shayyan we got quarantined
D Anonymous / 10( Sun) 06 Dy No 12310052
On smt, who knew saiyans had consequences Chang y: , and he plans to we a Enema all offs for
erectile ms career so hard that he aanyone a Burger Kym m nnys adspace any more
There was only ane ifhm and four offs, but he had our Mot at and nane offs could the snap mm lfie lost our Mot, we were
truly fucked Everyone we ahppen itwould catch up to us and there be any way to esacpe
We had may SIN moon spaam dollars (we counted) " we could have bought mm crwth all ifthat maney any that was OUR’ money,
naynay We EARNED that maney through wen and neally and pure dumb luck, and anyway may nnys guy
So we start We waxy Not that he had any yassan to trust ANYTHING we sad, but he looked We he nanny slept for a / e, and we really
WERE beaning to get anwyays to get the hell out others, so we had a ayy efan edge m that regard We beam bakeing amongst and
accidentally" let l skyp about the away we have no, no, shut may Hen neay My What anact? On okay, you our arms So we tell
mm about nnys fucking away that everyone wants and that we were Wed to steal but blah blah blah, not Important What' s Important y: l
y: to everyone and naw you could probably get ANYTHING you wanyne m exchange for It, too bad people are nyanyan nnys way RIGHT we l
from us
The gun was beaning to mam away from our payers head as we spun nnys , and we could see that Chang was
beaning to wrynn Enema Wynn ms career back maybe every wynn a
Tnys was l He paused
D Anonymous / 10( Sun) 06 or No 12310104
leant the anyway! Okay man, whatever you say, yam the boss neyo
And y want your snap: may Sure, sure, we l
And youd BETTER not be ( funny) Who, us? Becourse not Sean's nanaa Here, new the away (Win a great snaw for
the cameras), and new our smp' s boat, just nany shoot our Mot
Chang takes the away the smp' s boat, nyanyan away from us, content that WWY he may not have gotten the of
us out the block, at least he got treasure
Except those ofyou track at name probably rememberable we chll had two forgings yeyy
So as Chang nennen back the planet wen came from a chunk and omnes, we nahyon We
manman and told the Mot to us ANYWHERE am HERE
And THAT, ch/ dren, y: the story Mine Great Traveller Cross and naw we got payn we (was forthe sameway that we nanny every really do for
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#1 - NoXV
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(02/20/2014) [-]
But.. b-but.. they LIED. Lying is BAD.
But.. b-but.. they LIED. Lying is BAD.
User avatar #2 - Riukanojutsu
Reply +3 123456789123345869
(02/20/2014) [-]
idk the game theyre playing
but it looks fun
User avatar #3 to #2 - revanmal
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(02/20/2014) [-]
They're playing Traveller, a semi-generic space opera system. It's notable in that instead of advancing characters by upping stats and skills, the majority of player progress is made by gaining political power or money or tech or gadgets. You know, like real life.

There's multiple editions of the game, the one being played here is "MongTrav", Traveller 2300AD produced by Mongoose Publishing.
User avatar #4 to #3 - Riukanojutsu
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(02/20/2014) [-]
aight thanks