oh /b/. I don't know if this is too soon. I wrote you but you still ain' t cam‘ pr" I left my terrorist cell. pager. and homephone at the bottom I sent you two  probably
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oh /b/

oh /b/. I don't know if this is too soon. I wrote you but you still ain' t cam‘ pr" I left my terrorist cell. pager. and homephone at the bottom I sent you two

I don't know if this is too soon

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I wrote you but you still ain' t cam‘
pr" I left my terrorist cell. pager. and homephone at the bottom
I sent you two pressure cookers back in autumn,
You mu st notta got' em.
There probably was a problem at the postedthis or somethin
The FBI or D HE opens 'ern now and again.
But anyways. Fuck it. what' s been upa
Man, how' s your brother?
My girlfriend' s infertile marl,
We' re ganna' adopt a Chechen
Inne get more-. ied for a boy. guess what ' call him?
I' mm' a name him Dalokan.
I read about your ho me country too. I' m sorry.
My dad killed himself too. when the mamas came in the "
I know you probably get this everyday:
But I' m your biggest fan
I even got that underground shit you clone as
I got a room failed with Chechen flags an Cau' rans, man
I like that shit you posted on Twitter, shit was cash.
Anyway. I hope you recover man, blast me hack,
Just to chat, truly yours. your biggest fan
This is spam.
by I Anomymous do ) % so on we r Ottooh:
Clear , you still an"! cared or wrote
I hope have the chance.
I not mad, but you -r: blasted o! both pt that man' s legs,
Hoot you feel bad‘?
you own": want to talk to use after the blast
You didn' t have to.
But you could of signed n Chechen has to Elston.
That' s my we brother man, he' s only six years do
We locked down for hours for you
and you just said ‘No .
That' s pretty shitty man. you' re his fucking idol
He wants to smart. attrac: tare_ and aai: trye gist like you.
I ain' t mad Ebough, I pat hate being lied to.
They some you shot yourself.
But what realty gets my goat‘ -7'
There was no blood when you stopped oil‘ that boat.
My isotonic mart. cause I talk about you 24/ 7
But she don' t know you hatt I has you Draikar, no one does
She doesn' t lore's what it' s like for winger brothers gearing up.
You gotta" cat! me man. I' ll be the biggest tan you new lose
Sincerely yours. spam
This will be the last pressure cooker I error send you ass.
It' s been so: days, and stilt no word, I don' t deserve it?
I know you got my last two pressure cookers.
I overnight USPS' d ‘em. perfect.
So this is my I' m sending you,
I hope you retreat it.
Hey. I' m Chechnya right now.
I' m taking it hostages in the theatre.
Hey. , I' m in the former Russian Federation
Dare me to act out‘?
You know that terrorist attack by Bin Laden, 'WI l"
About that guy who tould' knocked down the one
in . but didn' t. and than Laden saw the failure.
And then in 2001 he got their ass good?
That' s kinda how this is, you could' ye stopped whom Monsanto‘
Now its too late, they' re pumping gas in the theatre now. I' m drowsy.
And all I wanted was a lousy letter or a call.
I hope you howl burned the Chechen flag I had on the wall.
I love you , we could have been terrorists together,
Think about it.
You mined it now, I hope you can' t speak or scream about it.
I hope the FBI and EMS waterboard you and you can' t breathe without me.
See Dalokan,
Shut up, Spetsnaz, I' m tryin' to talk
Hey slim, that' s my enemy knockin at the door.
But Ididot' t set upa bomb, ajust kidnapped these kids
See I aint like you
Cause ifthey Inne, they' ll the in this gas too.
Well, gotta go, I' m almost unconscious now
Oh shit. i forgot. how anti supposed to send this shit out?
Dear anion.
I meant to write to write you sooner. but I just been busy
F You said you' re girlfriends infertile. do you try therapy‘?
Look. I' m really flattered you would call your kebab that.
And here' s an autograph for Eloisa, I wrote it on a blasting cap.
rm sorry I didn' t see you during the lowdown.
I must you.
Don' t thinkl blow on both of that man' s tags.
it was just to jest you.
But what'' s this shit you' re saying about you like to make bombs too?
ajust posted political melons on twitter man.
Come on. now extreamist are you’?
You got some issues anon. I think you need some counselling,
To help your ass from ending up in permanent detention
And what' s the shit about wanting to be a terrorist together‘?
That type shit will land you in GED forever
Or maybe framed like me, in a false Olag orchestrated better.
I hope you get to read this letter I just hope it reaches you in time
Before you hurt yourself, I think you' ll be doing just fine.
If you relax a tilde, I' m glad I inspire you,
But why are you so mad?
Try to understand I didn' t take the legs off that man,
Ijust don' t want you to do some crazy shit.
I seen this one piece in the news that made me sick
About some dude who was nationalist and took WEI a theatre full of kids
And the melons: was on scene, and they pumped the gas in
And in the theatre they found a pressure cooker.
But they thdn' t say adores sed to whom
more to think about it._. his name was ..it was you. .
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