me-me arrow story. >greentexting >yes, this is OC, i wrote this thread. File: -( 89 KB, 800x600, 14, jpg) xi need your help /h/ i' m a pretty alpha guy To
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me-me arrow story

>yes, this is OC, i wrote this thread

File: -( 89 KB, 800x600, 14, jpg)
xi need your help /h/
i' m a pretty alpha guy
Toonight i' been reflecting on the past
Bending my life seems like the best option ATM
Wright new Ijust kind effiel like telling a story
sin 3 months ago in august
rout to go get me some sex.
rreally good looking chick SHE} appears{ similar to pic)
Reeally interested in the girl
i' m too alpha to I go over
Caol hat, I like it"
Oh, you' re interested in the hat. It' s actually my boyfriend' s."
damn damn he better not be a badass mom
sin that slim chance, she was actually alone
at her again
Er, cool. Interested in hanging out?"
Awesome, sure, I' ll do it."
our hands and get in my BMW
fl think you' re a really nice guy anon."
Gee, thanks. My place is just up ahead.
Doakes 2 minutes to get there, don' t live too far from the bar
the bed
Drubbing hands in excitement, first sex in 2 mos.
Hm feeling the heat now
bitch still taking bedclothes off
Ready, anon?"
Hm bout to **** a bitch in a relationship
quickly I remove clothing
Relephant dick flopping
they' re off, she begins to stroke
begins to harden
Heartening progressively
Emasculating seems not far off
semen back into penis to prevent it early
Drolling onto bed now
the blowjob part
Cliking it now
it by stroking it and deepthroating
on the deer downstairs is heard
Mooving not one bit, like a dumbass
Oppening afteer is heard
shout is heard
It' s me bro"
Bending sex, remove head and get off bed cause its a friend
ewe ************ just wakes in
Hell no what the **** are you doing with my "
**** **** wait wait"
the dude grabs her hand and leaves
a look out the window
car is sitting outside the window
Braging at the fact that he took my BMW and all I have is the first letter of each sentence
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Submitted: 12/02/2012
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#5 - jbitt (12/03/2012) [-]
dear neptune
dear neptune
#6 - generalwatergate (09/11/2013) [-]
i dont get it.
User avatar #3 - GnRNoD ONLINE (12/02/2012) [-]
1/10 saw it coming and read the first letter before reading the first paragraph.
User avatar #4 - onceman (12/02/2012) [-]
Very bad delivery, saw it coming from "In 3 months ago, in August"
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