/b/ is full of helpful advice. . Gaynonymous ftl/ ) / wave clingy submissive half Korean fiance aha will do almost anything I ask with little resistance if I pe thatguywithpants 4Chan
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/b/ is full of helpful advice

Gaynonymous ftl/ ) /
wave clingy submissive half Korean
aha will do almost anything I ask
with little resistance if I persist hard
get bored one day
38 KB JPG r-" hey babe want to try anal"
no.... l heard it was painful"
oh okay well I' m going to the store want
e-" no thank you"
ego to the store, buy skittles a sprite and some
booms back and she' s just finishing dinner
r-" hey babe remember when I asked to try anal"
anon I said no"
aesome behind her and wrap my hands around
her waist
but I went through the trouble of buying this
anon no"
unzipping her pants
l promise it you say it hurts I' ll pull out"
ohokay anon"
islide down her pants and panties
wave no idea how to apply lube so ajust squirt
it in there
slide in penis
Heels good mane
wet about half way in
anon it hurts"
shh it' s okay"
violently thrusting in and out,
ems begins to yell "anon stop"
l' m sorry it just feels so good"
begins to cry
ego even faster
mum a couple of minutes later
dick is covered in blood, she' s on her
knees crying in shame, and theirs an awful
smell in the air.
r-" I am so sorry babe"
a-" go away anon!"
Mohave to sleep over a friends house that night
shad to order out that night
behave to sit through a long conversation about
how I hurt her while trying not to laugh as she
occasionally adjusts the way shes sitting.
thiinking it was totally worth it
rshy won' t have sex or even let me sleep in the
fooking bedroom.
It' s been a ******* month /b/ how do I apologize
for anally raping my fiance'?
by giving her the best orgasm of her entire life
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Submitted: 10/17/2013
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#1 - subadanus (10/17/2013) [+] (29 replies)
First step: Have some ******* self control dude, holy **** .
#12 - tommythecat (10/18/2013) [-]
what the hell, thats just messed up
#19 - xtremehivoltage (10/18/2013) [-]
>HFW Fiance

But seriously that was a terrible thing to do
#25 - anonymous (10/18/2013) [-]
you don't apologize for rape.
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