/b/ finally helped.... We can go home everyone. Anonymous (/ 13( Fri) 06: No. 505803659 Replies: :: Hey /h/- I have problem we with a woman was idiot ex. with a the game

/b/ finally helped...

We can go home everyone

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Anonymous (/ 13( Fri) 06: No. 505803659 Replies: ::
Hey /h/- I have problem
we with a woman
was idiot ex.
with and mewthree kids
mclean their kitchen and cook farther like a bitch
weeman whines continuously mewthree years about bad treatment by PX
witch has a pissy little 15 year old sen
weave bitch
witch decides to find a job. sen threas 15 year old hissy fit
he knows what is best fer his future
he [therefore she) follow worthless turd father around
whorthless turd father gets fer mother's facilitate. Fatherless wants a babysitter.
L l sex fellers around and rationalize; by saying "it' s what' s best fer kids"
widest sen is still halfwit
wat do?
pic related. it' s my face when I' m appalled.
FIT: explain wat do in hopeless ****** situation involving another' s idiot decisions.
Anonymous (19/ 1 3/ ) 06: No. 505803934 Replies: :
beleave bitch
You already made the right decision. So what is the problem?
And why do you even know this? You rescued yourself from this terrible decision to get involved with her in the first place. Don' t **** it up again by trying to stay involved in their lives.
I think maybe you need to take a look at why you need fundamentally ****** up people in your life-
Anonymous (19/ 1 3/ 13( Fri) 06: 33: No. 5058041 63 Replies: ::
because I keep going back and sport ******* her
wait. You just made complete sense.
Anonymous (19/ 1 3/ 13( Fri) No. 505804802
Holy **** someone screen cap this! We have a break through of true intelligence!!!
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