/b/ being /b/. TL;DR Girl gets raped and /b/ displays its compassionate nature.. File: 1351693_ -( TTA KB, 1920x1080, ) This is my story of rape. I' m posting t a majestic tale
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/b/ being /b/

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/b/ being /b/. TL;DR Girl gets raped and /b/ displays its compassionate nature.. File: 1351693_ -( TTA KB, 1920x1080, ) This is my story of rape. I' m posting t

TL;DR Girl gets raped and /b/ displays its compassionate nature.

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File: 1351693_ -( TTA KB, 1920x1080, )
This is my story of rape. I' m posting this es that can better understand what victims gs through and take rape seriously. I was a 14 year old freshman in high school. Iwas es
happy when I tried out and made the JV volleyball team.. impressive fer a blends haired. green eyed girl in a mostly black school. Also because I had just hit puberty and was
starting to develop. I was barely 5 feet tall. As school started and practice began things were going well even though I was only ens white girls en the team. Iwas
playing well and getting a let of attention and encouragement from my coach. Looking back en it. I wish I hadn' t.
After about a month of being en the team, my coach - an overweight black man in his early , said he wanted to work with me on some things after practice. I
said sure, not thinking anything sf it. So after practice stayed afterthe gamergirls had left., Ijust stayed in my uniform Ma shirt and spandex volleyball shorts since
coach was gonna work with me. After all the girls had left he met me in the Becker mom. I asked him what he wanted to do and he just said stretching exercises. I
thought it was kind drweird but being arresting 14 year eld I ignored that. He told me to walk with him, pointing to another area sothe Becker rnsm. As I ended that
way, I felt his hand running up my leg. I told him to stop and asked what he was doing. He said "what you want, it' s just us." I knew something was wrong then.
He began to slide his hand under my shirt and began to crepe my breasts. I didn' t need a sports bra as they were still buds, but I wish I had wern sne. It would have kept him them fer a few seconds.
He began to slide his all ever my chest and stomach, moaning occasionally as if it was exactly what he wanted. I tried return and run but he grabbed my waist frsm behind, pulling my ass into his crotch. I cauld
feel his erection rubbing between my ass, I could feel the weight sf it. He told ts stop fighting it. And fer a bit I did. He told me return around and take eff my shirt slowly. And es I did, standing there in front him
sliding my shirt es that he could stare at my bare chest. It was then that he took his penis em of his pants and began to stroke it. He took my hand and told mete do it instead. I was es scared. It was T inches and
thick, I prayed this was as fares itwould gs. I couldnt have been more wrong. After acouple minutes sithis he took me without saying award and laid me en my back en a bench. He slid his hands down my legs
until he got to my shorts and quickly stripped them frsm body, taking my panties with them. So I laid there completely naked, legs spread knowing what was about to happen. I was about ts violated, my virginity
tom frsm me.
He came evens me, his penis and forced me. My . my back arched with fear as realized he was thrusting him inside me. It hurt so much, my vagina was small and
unprepared. He just grunted with , mounting me like awile horse, ignoring -
I begged him stop, resisted with all my strength. He just said "but I haven' t cum yet." That' s when I knew he was going to keep going, keep using my body until he was dens. and there was nothing I could m. And
he did use me, in every way he could. Not only did violate me vaginally, but he forced mete perform oral sex en him as well. I had to suck the bleed frsm my vagina off of his cock. At times he would force his penis
so Bardeen I would gag. He ales licked me all ever my body as if it was his playground. At one point he forced me ever a Becker room bench and forced his tongue into my anus. I felt es disgusted, so
ashamed. He spent what felt like ferever licking my hole and all I could do was writhe whale time. At the end sothe two hours he spent raping me he put his penis in my mouth again. This time I could feel it pulse
as he shot cum into my mouth, lead after lead- He forced mete swallow, I almost gagged. He just said "shower and go heme." And that' s what I did, me ashamed to tell anaons.
pics er it didn' t happen
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Thank god it isnt No Fap November yet.
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Not too legit. The way the story is written is too erotic.
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that is ******* disgusting and terrible god ******* damnit and I love it