You dun goofed. Found it on /B/ last night. I Anonymous (ID: filial! lolit) M/ It it 14( Thu) 1 wyl wyl it use til 145 370 F 1: -2: 551 145728 er. - 33551145919
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You dun goofed

Found it on /B/ last night

I Anonymous (ID: filial! lolit) M/ It it 14( Thu) 1 wyl wyl it use til 145 370 F 1: -2: 551 145728 er. - 33551145919 3: 551 guess . ' l 147253 urea? bail
mined my causin on vacation with his giand her super hot sister about a month ago
yhis if is END, really good looking and stays fit
abut her sister
my ******* Gad In’. her sister
stall. blends "IO/ IO perfection
yher league is so far above me that I immediately bury any hopes of sexytime
icouldn' t sleep en the plane cu: I was next to her. heart thumping like a ****** en a Mississippi mantrap through the police convention and sweating like the trunk was full of stolen watermelons
manage to survive without saying some stupid **** er weirding her out like I had a habit of doing
bedroom hotel apartment, cousin takes the one with the queen size along with his gt. me and her misterrage the ene with seperate beds
ewe rarely talk. try to amid it in easel say something weird
sshe mentions she' s inte fallout and Skyrim
ewe chat all the time. get inte other games and stuff, eventually find out she has a let m Nd games installed on a Faptop she brought with her. Play every day alter beach
this sheild be chill. but I' m constantly stressed out that I' d do something stupid and **** this up
myself every hour that she' s way out of my league
ems and cousin were alene in the night peel- then I headed back up and take a chewer at about AAM. really tired at that point.
we into room with nothing but my towel. super stealth mode engaged cu: she' s probably asleep.
still awake with her Faptop
Oh Hi anen. I dent mind me._ iust finishing anthis game"
Heel- change into boxers. brush and head to bed
Se__. Wanna pull these beds tegether SC) that we can help me with this level?"
vsuper seductive tone. abvious flirting
we ) her a sexual entity due to my repeated reminders she' s tee good fer me
lights, fall asleep almost immediately
Woke up this morning, realized what I had done and literally started crying.
isthere more an autistic retard
l Cl Anonymous (ID:
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Submitted: 08/08/2014
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#1 - kokanum (08/08/2014) [-]
User avatar #2 - monswine (08/09/2014) [-]
Once in college I locked myself out of my room immediately after masturbating wearing nothing but a robe. I dejectedly wandered into the common area/lobby to plan my next move. This girl I was friendly with is there playing some stupid flash game on her laptop. I sit down by her and we chat for a few hours. Eventually I enlist her in helping me break through my first floor window. My laptop is still set to porn. "Oh cool, you like anime?" "What? oh, yeah.." Don't talk to her again out of embarrassment.
#3 - zenagirl (08/09/2014) [+] (2 replies)
that was so cringe, it pissed me off.

pic related
#8 - xxxsonic fanxxx (08/15/2014) [-]
I never ******* comment on this site, BUT WHAT THE **** IS WRONG WITH YOU. I get so mad when i read dumbass **** like this
User avatar #7 - infexis (08/09/2014) [-]
I never know if I should thumb these up or not because on one hand it's pretty ******* funny how dumb people can be at times, and on the other hand.... Same reason, but just straight out sad instead of funny.
User avatar #6 - Nihatclodra (08/09/2014) [-]
Made me cringe even harder knowing I've actually been this dense before...
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