Why I hate Sitcoms. . IN File: . i - Keh" 1024x824, Bazinga. jpgy YT Anonymous (ID: 11/ : 36: 05 No. 434867843 . Replies: . . eevees Sheldon. What are you doing Why I hate Sitcoms IN File: i - Keh" 1024x824 Bazinga jpgy YT Anonymous (ID: 11/ : 36: 05 No 434867843 Replies: eevees Sheldon What are you doing
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Why I hate Sitcoms

IN File: . i - Keh" 1024x824, Bazinga. jpgy
YT Anonymous (ID: 11/ : 36: 05 No. 434867843 . Replies: . . eevees
Sheldon. What are you doing there?
The audience members try to hold back laughter, but cant help but chuckle slightly. The chuckles set offa chain reaction and seen the entire audience is gasping fer breath after laughing so
bl m glad you asked. Leonard. going on a diet.
The audience members shove therapists into their mouths to try to hold back laughter, and shit themselves uncontrollably. The front row is rolling around on the floor, laughing so hard that they
cough up blood.
veut Sheldon. theta a piece of chocolate cake!
The audience emits a cacophony shatters the windows and shuts down the recording equipment. They begin clawing their eyes out while in hysterics, shitting and pissing
uncontrollably. Some ofthe crowd tears their clothes offend smears their own shit , and others begin to gnaw their skin off.
Anonymous (ID: "( Sunmak: 36: No. 4348 BEBE
bl know, Leonard. I' m on a seafood diet. I see food, and then I eat it.
The audience members laugh so hard that they liquify, andthen melt into a puddle together amongst the feces, urine and blood. The crew members audience offere Mor, all the while erupting in screeching hysteria.
Everyone in all buildings within was mile radius begins laughing uncontrollable, smashing , destroying their possessions and lighting their homes on tire. People wandering the city begin destroying the buildings,
looting the merchandise and violently attacking one convulsing from laughter. Flights begin crashing into the remaining buildings as the pilots begin laughing too hard to control the planes. New York burns
completely to the ground, thus causing the US economy to implode. The military seizes all BET DVDs for use in Guantanamo Bay, but the facility is burnette the ground as soon as the prisoners watch 30 seconds ofthe pilot.
Surviving prisoners organize strike force with the intent enforcing the cast and crew ofthe EST to produce more episodes to replace those lost in the tire. The USA is completely decimated seeking new
footage ofthe Big Bang Theory. is rebuilt from the ashes, andthe cast and crew are held hostage reenact scenes forthe amusement ofthe Dear Leaders. This causes the destruction ofthe capital of
as those present area in aht jslaughter. The cast and crew lost their lives in the chaos, thus saving the world from complete destruction.
Anonymous (ID: CM an "( Sunmak: Eal :12 No. 4348 68881
forthe love ohgod somebody screencap
Anonymoos( . "( Sunmak: efil: 09 No. 434869096
ilol' d
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