When you're here you're family. . Here we go again. last night was a huge success Call this Wede Garden and ask For melons Fling Rd Layton UT MOM USA Cl Anonymo olive garden melons 4Chan prank call
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When you're here you're family

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Here we go again. last night was a huge success
Call this Wede Garden and ask For melons
Fling Rd
Layton UT MOM
Cl Anonymous (ID: . dtr. Ntt. % 217. Oopses: mg
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Fyck out with petioles the likes has nets; been seen before on this Earth, math my fucking,
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hear female voice
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Host listen to him. maybe hell stop
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Werds. You him you cart get may with saying that shit to‘ me. overdue phone? Think again, Matter. As we. speak len my set:‘ ret rink N spies stereos the USA -and your F is being
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Anytime, and lean hilt you In truer aston hundred ways.
than just with my bare hands. Not only are I ( trained in unarmed contest. but I have assess to the some arsenal of the when States Marine Corps and will use it to " full extent to
miserable ass oil the face attire sentiment. you little shit. it only you could hare twatman whet unholy retribution your " sum was about to bring also upon you. maybe you
would have hold your more tongue- But you doutan‘ t. you . , and new yours paying the prise. you . isry' ata our you and you will drawn in it. you' re been dead, kiddo.
eyed darts‘?
swell what the fur. -It do you were
am i who an order please
do you have any melons
when the sound of the phone through rreinierr
shuts loudly
whens as packed up
tyi. itk"
my sides- they' re was
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#2 - RageGuyyourmom
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(10/01/2013) [-]
OP I know you didn't make this but you picked a good one +1 for a ******* funny sense of humor I love you man
#1 - squidgy
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(10/01/2013) [-]