Whale Time. . whale tale Anonymous M/ 07/ 11( Gun) 04: 03 hito. Part I chalking along the beach one day, notice a crowd of people gathered around a huge grey ob
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Whale Time

whale tale Anonymous M/ 07/ 11( Gun) 04: 03 hito.
Part I
chalking along the beach one day, notice a crowd of people gathered around a huge grey object
Churns out to be a team of marine biologists trying to rescue a whale that has beached itself on the shore (as in a real whale, not
a fat human)
A ‘volunteer to help out, getting water onto the animal while they prepare equipment to reflect it
a break after three hours, and go sit on the sand dunes. There I hear sounds coming from a building that
the beach
up to investigate, peer into window to see where the noises are coming from
obese (humans) stuffing their faces with food while listening to another fatty talk about body acceptance,
making whale like groans and they cheer on their speaker with mouths full of food
veign on the wall says “Society for Plus Sized Women“. Disgusted, I return to the beach
the whale, get it into the ocean. However the whale refuses to swim out to sea, something is drawing it to the
in danger of / , eberyone doesn' t know what to do. "Hey eberyone", I say, ‘Tye got an idea"...
whale tale Anonymous M/ 07/ 11( Gun) 04: 13 hito.
Part 2
set up a food buffet on the beach, use megaphone to advertise “free buffet to celebrate freeing of the whale, all welcome!!!"
rumbling noise, ground is shaking, sands begin shifting, eberyone is terrified
of Land whales suddenly emerges from the building, waddling down the sand dunes to get to the food
are suffering in the sand, and are so heavy they sink in a good so cm
fiinally they get to beach after so mins, and collapse in the sand by the food
look at the food and gasp in horror: it' s all raw carrot sticks
begin crying; give off loud moans
sees the fatty' s, and realises it was them making the sounds, not real whales
whale swims away, nearer seen again
biologists thank me, one is 10/ 10 hot as **** , and she is impressed
a date with her, **** like monkeys all night long
flying in bed ***** with her the next morning, she brings in the newspaper
front page article while smoking cigar and cuddling marine babe "city council and marine biologists force relocation of fat
person' s society 10 km inland".
True story.
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