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#12 - Soviet Savior
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(07/25/2013) [-]
>be me, 35 ish
> work for the DEA in texas
>combating drug cartel soldiers that protect smugglers in the middle of the night
>boring night fishing for smugglers, no bites
> heading to 24 hour foodmart/gas station for early morning burrito.
> store almost empty, just my, clerk and 2 shady wetbacks
> Clerk ringing up my beaner sandwitch and coffee
> suspicious Mexicans are wondering through the back of the store
> both wearing thick baggy sweatshirts in the middle of ******* summer
>both are acting as if theyre gonna make a move, maybe armed robbery, ive seen it before
>im out of uniform but am carrying my s&w 460v under my shirt
> its a .460 revolver for hunting bear
>/k/ told me it was too much, but i like to pop pop and watch the ******* drop.
>as i was walking out both guys run up to the counter and pull guns on the clerk
> i drop my coffee and burrito and reach for it
> they see and start to turn to me
>i beat them to is and get the shot off first, the robbers are standing one in front of the other
> i shoot once, blow a ******* hole thru the first one from 5 yards away(can literally see thru him)
>same bullet goes through the first guy and hits the 2nd guy in the gutt
>both fall to the ground, everything is covered with blood
> MFW when i look at the cashier...