Third Wheel. Why are you looking at the description? Do you really need me to describe this to you? God, you're pathetic.. Anonymous Fri Aug 24 08: 52: 57 2012  lel r9k

Third Wheel

Why are you looking at the description? Do you really need me to ******* describe this to you? God, you're pathetic.

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Anonymous Fri Aug 24 08: 52: 57 2012
we younger brother
wider brother and I cocoon a small business but he' s alpha as **** so he acts like he' s the boss of me
we does drugs too which affects our business but ijust work twice as hard to make up fer it
otheres also this girl we both like, he' s always trying to get with her and trying to get me to help him get with her which bothers me, but she' s em of both our leagues so whatever
meme into work one day he' s already on drugs
she' s talking about how he wants to **** this girl so hard, how shes his little princess and the things he would do to her___ i just can' t repeat without shuddering
rd snap and start yelling at him to respect her more and i' m tired of all his ******** and he needs to start working harder
ssh **** he brought a gun to work. he tells me i have no idea what i' m talking about and to get back to work befire he does something i' ll regret
rd go back to work, trembling and scared at what might happen
we comes stumbling into my office 30 minutes later and points the gun at me
stake these drugs if you dent want your ******* face blown off, tripping balls and need someone on my level
rd quickly take the screems, first time i' ever done drugs
nnothing happens so i go back to work
ewe get a house call and go there to fix a ******* sink
whit starts to hit me, brother is sitting on the counter next to the sink i' m working on giggling em of his mind
rd stand up and get so ******* dizzy and disoriented hem the drugs
rd start to fall into the sink i' m working on
grab my brother to try and stop the fall
work and i pull him in
ewe keep falling through the pipe, am i tripping the **** em or is this really happening?
awake up in a strange land with flying turtles
we' re on world and we have to save the princess fer my brother, mans
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User avatar #1 - mindology (09/27/2013) [+] (2 replies)
Can't believe i fell for that.
User avatar #3 - braveblue (09/27/2013) [-]
As soon as I saw that they were plumbers I knew. 8/10
User avatar #5 - GnRNoD (09/28/2013) [-]
Saw it coming from the start, realized it was about Mario when I reached the shrooms part.
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