The shit that shook the world. The best/worst prank ever. C) The Bearer of ! o 09/ 09/ 09( Wed) 19: 26’ 35 No 159207195 Let me tell you a story guys. This story 4Chan shit Prank
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The shit that shook the world

The shit that shook the world. The best/worst prank ever. C) The Bearer of ! o 09/ 09/ 09( Wed) 19: 26’ 35 No 159207195 Let me tell you a story guys. This story

The best/worst prank ever

C) The Bearer of ! o 09/ 09/ 09( Wed) 19: 26’ 35 No 159207195
Let me tell you a story guys. This story is about the most satisfying vengeance I have ever gotten on someone. You
see, I know this guy. You probably know one similar to him. He was always very popular, despite his faggotry. The
man is clean cut, born handsome. and has a superiority complex because of it He always got the girls, or at least.
he would do nothing but blather about the last time he had sex and give the impression he gets large quantities of
This guy is very loud and obnoxious, Every time the teacher ever said anything, he would have to let out
a loud, not so witty reply. Everytime anyone said anything he had to comment. This trend even continued into
freaking COLLEGE
Iwas actually trapped in a dorm with this bastard for a semester, He has always been so smug, with such a huge
undeserved sense of accomplishment. Well. one afternoon, after pouring a shake on someone' s head, I heard that
bastardy's fucktard was throwing a party on the first Saturday of nan month. 'the perfect opportunity for me to
humble him' I thought. He had a nice big condo. paid for by his parents. That would be the object of my vengeance.
I began to eat taco bell while envisioning my sweet sweet plan coming to fruition. I scoped out his house while eating beans and experimax. Iwatched him
smile that big douche bag smile of his as I ate more and more foods that were high in fiber I had been eating this food for nearly a month now I actually had to
sleep with it butt plug, like a bear, Awaited until a half hour after his party started, I slipped in though the front. waddling like a penguin. my belly full of crap I
had only the clothes on my back, a walmart bag concealing something, and a bannana hammock.
Cl The Bearer MOC !. o ( Vied) 19: 27: 23 No. 159207351
My stomach had actually distended 5 inches. I had always felt full for the past month. I walked, sick to my stomach, over towards the bathroom. I leaned
against a wall and let out a huge sigh. I took a deep breath and descended into the bathroom, dragging a chiar. I locked the door and propped the chair
against it. llook off my pants, I removed the butt plug, Instantly, laas forced to clench quite hard, I sat down on the toilet. I unclenched my ass, Without
so much as a warning, I heard a weedwhacker like noise,
Shit coated the toilet bowl. The stench was awful. More and more shit was pouring out, my ass cheeks were slapping togather so rapidly that my ass was
bruised. Hell a horrible pain in my anus It was like my ass hole was being tom apart by two large grilles. I sneezed a turd of monolithic proportions out, I
felt as though, in doing so, that my pelvis was splitting apart. My giant turd stopped. I could tell that I would need to strain to get rid ofthis solid ovoid
strand of shit. I started to strain with all my might. I could feel the blood rushing to my head as I grunted. Suddenly, a jetstream of blood shot out of my
nose as I heard a "SHLORP"‘ noise from down below. The monolith turd was sliding out, loan only imagine the horror that must have been on my has as I
realized, even with all this straining and pain, that the tures girth had not peaked yet. Blood pouring from my nose I actually flexed my abdomen to push
the shit out.
6 The Bearer MOE I) ( Vied) 19: 28: 11 No.
As I shit the shit of the titans. I felt something touch my bruised and sore ass, It was a curling we of shit. It was not squishy like a regular shit. it was firm
and rock hard, like burnt tire rubber. I stood up, bowlegged. The shit was still coming. I got on all fours and started to scream. laas crawling on my hands
and knees like a dog, shit still coming out, strong as ever. With a grunt, I had finishe w this massive strand of turd. I looked behind me in tenor at what I
had created.
Nth a rumble in my stomach, I realized that this what not over. That pause was just the calm before the storm, I ran to the bathtub, and sat on the side, I
started the horrible shit process again. This shit was accompanied by a massive farting oftenly epic proportions. Iwas screaming as loud as I could, but
even my loud scream was obscured by the thunder from my ass. The bathtub rattled with my farting. in between shitting spells I could hear people
outside, showing great concern.
oh my god‘
do you think he' s alright?
Who' s in there?
The methane in the mom was so thick, I could have sworn that it was a very tangible, and visible gas, After gritting my teeth for god knows how long, I
picked up my walmart bag. I took out the gas mask I had hidden in it. I placed the gasmask on my head, and put my banana hammock in my walmart
baggy. I took off one of my socks, and put a bar of soap in it. From outside I could hear Bastard Mo Fucktard shouting
I picked up my sock and walmart bag, leaving my pants and underwear in the bathroom. Bastard MC Fucktard was slamming against the door, it was
beginning to crack in the middle.
Just a minute'
I said. He kept slamming against the door, anyway. So, I moved the chair, and unlocked the door. The look of utter surprise and astonishment on his face
was priceless. Perhaps it was the idea of seeing a half naked man in a gas mask standing in his bathroom twirling a sock with a bar of soap in it. Before
he could do anything I hit his nuts with the soap and he dropped to his knees. I Sparta kicked his face. and began beating him with the sock until I saw
blood running from his head Everyone at the party was just staring at me, They might have intervened had it not been for the nearly solid feeling wave of
ass gas that shot from the bathroom. The stench came in waves, like a tide. One chick actually dropped to the ground sobbing from the stink, alone.
On my way out the door, I smashed a window with my sock. I shut the door, and took one last shit on his doorstep. As I began running down the street, I
saw police and an ambulance. I ran for 2 blocks and then climbed the fence to our local swimming pool. People looked at me in utter disgust, what with
shit owed around my ass like it was. I grabbed chlorine tablets and I leaped into the pool with my walmart bag. Under the water. I went through a thorough
scrubbing process, I used the chlorine tablets like asswipes, and let me tell you, it burnt like hell.
I had neversoft so much when all the shit was purged from me, I lost the gasmask and put on my banana hammock while kicking to the surface.
All the people had lost sight of where the ‘panties man' had gone. I walked out of the swimming pool, went home, and then went to sleep.
The next day, I was walking by Bastard Fucktards house. He was outside, with a splint, his nose broken, and a bandage around his eye. He was
sitting on his from steps with great disdain on his face as men in hazmat suits were rushing in and out. I realized that these men were hooking up a large
hose to a truck and running the hose to the bathroom. I heard one man yell
hit it!'
The Bearer iroc (\ Ned) 19: 31: 38 No. 159208230
KB, 639x541, )
a tremendous rumbling noise began. I smiled and walked to work. on my my back, I saw that they were still pumping, and Bastard
Fucktard was yelling
I grinned at him. and told him that l just lost the game.‘ He stated at me strangely as I strolled home. I smiled and whispered
something to myself
Tuck Yeah"
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Dat Story
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