The fuck is this?. the is that?. 1370543412021 HI 02 MB, 245x142, M CANT EVEN 1911) El Ithought 1 11119171 post some green text stones Itmes be mere Anonymous ) the fuck is You
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The fuck is this?

The fuck is this?. the is that?. 1370543412021 HI 02 MB, 245x142, M CANT EVEN 1911) El Ithought 1 11119171 post some green text stones Itmes be mere Anonymous )

the **** is that?

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1370543412021 HI 02 MB, 245x142,
1911) El
Ithought 1 11119171 post some green text stones
Itmes be mere
Anonymous ) 08 30: 12 No 504099945
Sol' m an intrnt, l' seen lots lestrange shalln myhmm as 1 work homes 1 mental homes
a local elderly care wth
0112100111 quite a w as ths guy's having we repeaters put room
to knowone guy nee sound as fuck called Tom
walk the room ene "Hey Tom how are you ma
en fuck
outside to we a nurse
mercers clearly pssed was she' s busy
howto were what to say
m" How many um how many ears thd Tom have ths mornng?"
wwat we
maen nurses Toms mum
Hello youd we oricum heretofap what' s golnx on?"
me has no Idea
down ms has
me ene can we the ear er anyting sharp
a warm has beetwen men Inmate marine hall
Gflames ms
Toms ear ehwhat happened
Anonymous 09/ ) 08 41 40 No 504901200
Okay, so here' s another
erelong contractor a downs home
head carer, shemales es round the home and
Introduces es to allthe spas
Georges room"
mehe opensuse door
he sees us
mehe thatsthe dooring says borrito es all
carry onyour
meln hall, room
mooseman en see. swim and booted
mrcakes everyones hand
aon fuck no
mooseman shakes gauges hand
mooseman has a hand covered spakpak
Hiest see Inductor ever
Anonymous 09/ ) 08 53 09 No 504902330
We 1370544709034 13915 KB, 255x190, wather) El
Okay so haves another, , me wat
moare home en the coast
and around the home
to know ene guy paticular
m" Leonard"
an old ewe
me stones rom ms youth, a accent
Tbells me upen Boston
we streeter grew up on, everyting
The Electrician
we get onto how he ended uerthe UK, turns ofthe moved , and we wallet mm / e he was nere so
mounths go on, regularly have a cigarete Leonard
we really know each ewer
mane darths old woman comes to morara day out
me we wfe
erhere mosy"
n we' re , youre Ameicans"
me wee England we
mrrolled by Leonard
mes actually called Alan
Anonymous 09/ ) 09: 16 39 No 504904530
We 13915 KB, 293x172, klye jpg) [I
Alan was new
Nice to see move on 10/
an another
onthe Isle
have some ultra mental as assland
maakes hourses get through the gates
has to be named
minee 000 1 screwdriver 019
gettng bored names
jtagged a stanley knfe up as "Cleve"
manson guard wth es all day
ene arus / etwa all have to pack up and go together
mend ofthe day, everyting away
maan' thad Cleve
manson Guards around en thw radios
aon god ths many
uerthe Hume mug
mrhat' s through SIN securty doors
been two stabbings
as evedence
MMFW Cleve earner me hours
Anonymous 09/ ) 10 10 37 No 504909002
We 1370549437905 139111 KB, 259x195, angryjoe) E
f You' too
an another
an home
Anonymous 09/ ) 09 47 37 No 504907592
We 1370540057035 13915 Krr, 251x201, ) "
s called Seven Acres"
went to a Tamara schoolfellow" Nine Acres"
conversaion wth be a carer
lunch halls
maree food
mehe starts me
surely ene cant be swans
rand don'
appearently nowadays nane acres a
mehe wants me to bus
Aldon' iwantto bus
mohave worked do
get en the bus
aphone my bees
mended x Men
a Mend
mehe' s cool, screams someting
er some sht
mourns butthe guys 1 was werbung carleto dolt's see 11 I' d go along wth l
a days wage to watch x men
1 sad I' d we move ems was successful
as a success
a care home, butthen all have thw own . a nurse en see '
r' justincase' what
an nurse so ene can go help
pull cords
cord her set
mehe stood onthean/ Otto cord
mehe fell or
maned to cord
rthe' e
marse nesse
see what' s up
presdent cord snapped
Intitle we
minuten warning
presdent told me the truth
mourns outtie nearly ded
mht her head en bath
now have a new accname at work
Anonymous 09/ ) 10 25 15 No 504911250
1' m 27, guess been lucky
Ths home based, butthe mental level same
molars ago, had the we seance contract
mew branche Newport, lele
mew store manager
mes rom Buxton
been en all ofthe management courses"
yte yourself, gold star
thw pressure were
manager asks me to look at thw "Star Holman"
an Industria gearge Forman
mew e doesnt work
we whatda you do ?"
butthe dsh washer
cable, macine, the
me couldnt understand be an 15112
wee Comparing e to putang a master the bath
r" Tellyou wouldn' because everyone knows electricy and waterson' "
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