The army reacts to the xbone. soliders deployed abroad won't be able to conect to the internet in order to upload spy data validate their console/games. so inst Army navy Military fourchan Xbox Xbone DRM

The army reacts to the xbone

soliders deployed abroad won't be able to conect to the internet in order to upload spy data validate their console/games.
so instead of playing war, they go to war.

Anonymous 06/ 14/ 13( Fri) tyw: 54 hlo. CI Replies: 99194530318
The armies of the world are so pissed off they decide to break off from the command and declare war on Microsoft. Millions of testosterone-
filled, angry killing machines march on Redmond with tanks, submarines, airplanes, aircraft carriers, jets, attack helicopters and everything else
they could find. Top secret **** is in there too. Every civilian and every government is scared ******** , people told to remain indoors. World
economies collapse. Widespread panic. But these ************* are professional, stone faces hiding their rage. Their eyes betray the truth
though: blood will be spilled tonight. They arrive at the gates of Microsoft and proceed to tear down the walls and destroy the building. Tanks are
******* shooting volleys all over the campus, a detachment went to Bill Gates' house and destroyed that too. Submarines hunted down the
yachts. employees who didn' t get the memo are running around screaming, pissing and ******** themselves. The soldiers don' t care,
it' s a ******* slaughter. But wait, where the **** is everybody else? They get on the radios..." sir, we didn' t find him. We didn' t find anyone
Anonymous 06/ 14/ 13( Fri) 02: tyw No. ( CI Replies: 99194531943
i_ 29248
Suddenley, the ground starts shaking. A horrific noise of screeching metal and machines fills the air around the Redmond campus. The ground
explodes upwards like ******* mentos in a soda bottle. Mechas come out of the ground, bootlegged, and killing
machines armed to the teeth: rail guns, .50 caliber guns, rockets, ICBMS, you name it. Jets with the windows logo on the tail fly out, tanks roll
out of the seemingly endless depths of the Redmond underground. The armies retreated to cover and sustained heavy casualties. Thousands
died in the initial blitzkrieg. As the dust settled and the armies regrouped they heard an ominous marching sound. like thousands,
houndreds of thousands of metal presses working in unison. tout from below Redmond marched an army of robots. They all have
the windows logo on their arms.
Anonymous 06/ 14/ 13( Fri) hlo. MME( CI
Near the yachts similar sounds were heard by the navy soldiers. Their radar showed nothing. And then barn! tout of the water dozens of
submersible ships surface, some are aircraft carriers launching flying machines at the navies of men, some are destroyers and some are
submarines. All operated by an Al based on Windows 8. It' s very core the metro interface. The battle was over before it began. The
coordination was perfect, the was immaculate. Thousands died in minutes. But as the men tried to run away, a black leviathan
slowly raised itself out of the depths. It was the biggest structure they had ever seen, matte black, rectangular with straight lines. They would
have thought it beautiful were it not there to end their lives. cm the front of it was a huge dome with an X on it.
In a dark room, on a scarlet sofa made of human leather sits Bill, with a scotch glass in his hand. ''I warned them, but they didn' t listen.'' He
drops his glasses to the ground and steps on them with relish. He moves to a portrait of Steve Jobs on the wall, "Mellon". The portrait
opens and Bill disappears down the stone, spiral stairs.
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this was a good read
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