The Great Silence. Reposting to show a bunch of people. Space is terrifying, though.. The great silence (Le. absence sf SETI signals alien civilizations) is per Space aliens manhattan Cops silence survival horror
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The Great Silence

The Great Silence. Reposting to show a bunch of people. Space is terrifying, though.. The great silence (Le. absence sf SETI signals alien civilizations) is per

Reposting to show a bunch of people.
Space is ******* terrifying, though.

The great silence (Le. absence sf SETI signals alien civilizations) is perhaps the strongest indicator sf all that high relativistic velocities are attainable and that everybody out
there knows it.
The sobering truth is that relativistic civilizations are a potential nightmare to anyone living within range ofthem. The problem is that objects traveling at an appreciable fraction sleight
speed are underwhere ysu see them when ysu see them fie. lag). Relativistic rockets, eitheir owners turn out to be less than benevolent, are both totally unstoppable
and totally destructive. A starship weighing in at 1. ! tons (approximately the weight sfa fully fueled space shuttle sitting the launchpad} impacting an earthlike planet at "only"
30 percent will release 1. 5 million megatons sf energy -- an explosive force equivalent to 150 times taday' s global nuclear arsenal...
I' m not going to talk about ideas. I' m going to talk about reality. It will probably not be good for us averts build and fire up an antimatter engine. According to Powell, given the proper
detecting devices, a Valkyrie engine burn could be seen out to a radius sf several and may draw us into a game we' d rather not play, a game in which, ifhe appeares be
even the vaguest threat to another civilization and ofthe resources are available to eliminate us. then it is logical to do .
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The game plan is, in its simplest terms, the relativistic inverse to the golden rule: To unto the as he would do unto you and do it first.",
When we put sur heads together and tried to list everything we could say with certainty about other civilizations, without having actually met them, all
that we knew boiled down to three simple laws sf alien behavior:
If an alien species has to choose between them and us, they won' t choose us. It is difficult to imagine a contrary case; species don' t survive by being
No species makes it to the top by being passive. The species in charge sf any given planet will be highly intelligent, alert, aggressive, and ruthless when necessary-
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They won' t csmu to get sur resources sur knowledge even because they' requst mean and want power sver us. They' ll csmu to destroy us to insure their survival, even ifhe' re
apparent threat, because species death isjust tss much to risk, however remote the risk...
The mast humbling feature sothe relativistic bomb is that even ifyou happen to see it coming, its exact motion and position can never be determined; and given a technology even a hundred orders sf
magnitude above sur swn, you cannot hope to intercept sne ofthose weapons. It often happens, in these discussions, that an expression the old west arises: "God made same men bigger and
others, but Mr. Colt made all men equal." Variations Mr. [kit' s weapon are still , even in a possesses hydrogen bombs. Similarly, matter how advanced
civilizations grow, the relativistic bomb is not gs away-
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We allthat you sne mare thought experiment. Imagine a stroll through Manhattan, somewhere north sf 68th street, deep inside Central Park, late at night. It would be
nice to meet sameone friendly, but you knowthat the park is dangerous at night. That' s when the monsters csmu out. There' s always a strong undercurrent bodrug dealings, muggings, and
occasional homicides.
It is not east's distinguish the good guys the bad guys. They dress alike, and the weapons are concealed. The only difference is intent, and you can' t read minds.
Stay in the dark long enough and you may hear an occasional distance shriek blunder across a body.
How do you survive the night? The last thing you want to do is shout, "I' m here!" The next to last thing you want to do is replyes sameone who shouts, "I' m a friend!"
What you would like to do is find a policeman, saget out sothe park. But you don' t want to make noise mave towards a light where you might be spotted, and it is difficult to find either a policeman out
without making yourself known. Your safest option is to quakertown and wait , then safely walk out.
There are, ofcourse, a few obvious differences between Central Park and the universe.
There is policeman.
There is way out.
And the night never ends.
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