The Boating Trip. Another day on /b/. I posted this in comments a few times, and it got some really good reactions. So why not post it for the world to see?. An gotta Love b
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The Boating Trip

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The Boating Trip. Another day on /b/. I posted this in comments a few times, and it got some really good reactions. So why not post it for the world to see?. An

Another day on /b/.
I posted this in comments a few times, and it got some really good reactions. So why not post it for the world to see?

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Anonymous 05/ ( ) 07 42 No 2333388
genuinely reared up , rt seems new rs we worst one, maven told this to anyone. rm euan tmanny
ddad rs a cons my my mom med
Aurora N' s Lune wen rake that we' been renew about nor years"
we was supposed no be a ramiro mp. wth my mom there she knows consantly more about serra and yachts than us
some extra lessons and deems: we' re
readng norn the UK no Australi. r e crease oceans
we weeks on sawng
thunder storm
retast destroyed. yacht badly hurt, woos are rooka really, really bad
arearea we' re stranded at sea
ddad pants
emu days or new completely clueless couldnt the yacht, was non shard no use the emergency Menus!
we' ll stay on the yacht we nan some supplies, some nsne tours and re was men. so worry at all
went mth the currents
mthree weeks later
we started new really ''' talikng about new we can anther be new everything we can to get rescued or we can do everything we can to make our snore stay here the best re can be
wan narky about women specfically my dads antedating phase
wan talkig about sex
w retrospect there was very onneks sexual neutron
Anonymous OS/ ( ) 45 10 No 2333397
Mater that none
sleep's unseen case a stun: goes try)
to dads bedroom, wake mm up nor hrs
we has a huge boner
we were m humans and werent new our erections about a month alter we started Sammy
we says there' s no way a snug: would came, and that we should Just Emmy the urns. we have ran
youre (wed. I' ll rake an extra sht and men you' re ready to get up, you can take my place
wee' s nee what m, seqw anon rook manna you. were bascally the only people m the worm -
yeu should go back to sleep dad, talk m the "
ddad locks the door
wakes hrs boxers on
banans stroking
we have a new weeks at best anon
we need to make the best unworn
wonn open the dam
we some prune re turned mm "Anon , r am your newer, and r am tawny you to at on we bed new now"
we sat on the bed. hrs on still Jut
no way son n seems to me We the we could be new rs no make each generater good nor the his span we have
refuse. dawn r SUM have hope (r didntt, etc
unamed my emotional Maximal about he versed me. , time my arrive me, etc etc 4 ewe mm
Anonymous 45 55 No 2333399
we told me to touch mm
ml started stroking mm
we took my pants on
snooki each owe
woe Mr 90 hast"
ddad stops stroking me
fgets on his knees
wean sucking my dick
Dad we should stop were get stranded at sea all the tune we can sen be rescuer"
anon, you have n my mouth, stop sensation Isnt good.
my eyes, lied on the bed
sceane m than no moons
pronoun awry a word my dad got on the bed and put hrs hard dck on my closed mourn
ml opened my mouth, at on the bed so err be more nor me (neuron sums r came favor)
we Instantly Inserted his (Mk n my mourn
we came arm a or so
Mord me non to spin n a second any r already dd
ml apologies
Anonymous ( as M No 2333404
day later
M new ridiculous awkwardness
wan noein" n seem to
we wanted to sleep m the same bed
N said r wane to be on the rockem nor ships
dday later
r' Anon. come to the bedroom"
M antenna room
wan rocks the door
we takes hrs clothes on
say anyonw anymore
kinda and cold
all my clothes on
yr new a Mme uncorrectable we anon do you prefer I' ll he distant and cold Warm: rs noend our physical needs, or lo/ , We ada (F
want you to stop new distant"
icutcha"' awkward silence'' son, rm non nappy n came to Mrs. but no glad you nennen out to be the man you are today, you make on we proud whenever r look at you'
ow thank you dad, r we you too'
new gar ahead amine on your stomach, and close . I' ll he right neck"
we leaves the room. rocks the
M he on the bed, actually did close my eyes. nummer a song
NT, r typed a roe)
Anonymous ( ) as 16 No 2333414
I cant behave this thread
Anonymous / 12( } 07 do 39 No 2333417
w new later
mmy dad rs lying on top on me
anon. snow r new you We n so err be semen. you he "
lance me We what?" (nor some reason. the were Mans] sex own even cross my mind)
r' Just on
we rune what so ever. mom work hrs way up to re Just jammed hrs dick run: my ass
we was arleady on top on me, and positioned mean puperty. and my wasnt enough
was binerng really hard. re was really painful (am Miscalls arouse m a messed up way)
we moon care at all, Just no on raring me seriousry
women at that moment that r on not see Mm as my dad anymore
he was creepa
m took a rape and r ted mm up
we woke up medway but re was we his
ggot mm on hrs hands and knees on the bed
Mann mocked mm
we nan nonna to do wen warmly sexual or anything, r Just felt humilated and wanted to get back at mm
M fucked mm . r pulled hrs nan we urine me and he was nor me to stop. andl new
gave mm noon and water, but r new wire numner more than a week
Anonymous (( " 20 No 2333420
mo m that week r fucked him constantly, non even nor pressure. r would ruck mm, cum Inside, and keep on nucka nnerr t started nurny we badly on my drain then no wat t an and start nucka mm anew
M came made Mn at mes m that week, w started craw as Mme second day, sayang we sorry
M care
aar\ en about a week r came no my dads mam wth some water and let mm dunk
mther r new my pants on got behind nrm, moyer the stewed sheet a on and jammed my nack m his ass. started ramms mm nor a good an manures stop mm while r carefully drake Mn
spuddenly ' norn sauna‘
weave we' re saved
weave what we dune
dad threw hrs clothes on nun. furcon, on dressed
Nan our on the mat
iscream and wave my hands
we were saved
Baeyer spoke or seen my dad ever since
Anonymous / as No 2333429 _
Well wars en. r thak rm leaving Arman!
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#7 - zombieplayground
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(05/09/2012) [-]
....I kept expecting a "walk the dinosaur"....but it never came.
#6 - halamatiam
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(05/09/2012) [-]
**halamatiam rolls 46,126** MFW I finished reading.
#3 - explosiverectum
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(05/09/2012) [-]
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#2 - leapinglizard
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(05/09/2012) [-]
User avatar #1 - speshulist
Reply +4 123456789123345869
(05/09/2012) [-]
Well, it made a 4channer leave. I don't know how FJ will react to this.
#9 - iamasquid
Reply +3 123456789123345869
(05/10/2012) [-]
Oh god why? Why do I have a boner right now?
#10 - tigerrish
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(05/10/2012) [-]
#11 - creaturecat
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(06/24/2012) [-]
please for the love of everything thats holy dont allow that story to be true
#5 - anon id: aaf8d226
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(05/09/2012) [-]
Gave me a boner.
#4 - anon id: 8f66fdac
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(05/09/2012) [-]
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