Terribly Feel-y Story. Read this and died a little inside. D Anonymous no ) / an/ 45 35 No 559973545 5 We we (25: KB, 1050x2772) We 1350491975714 new , 194x260, FUNNYJUNK 4Chan feels
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Terribly Feel-y Story

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Terribly Feel-y Story. Read this and died a little inside. D Anonymous no ) / an/ 45 35 No 559973545 5 We we (25: KB, 1050x2772) We 1350491975714 new , 194x260,

Read this and died a little inside

D Anonymous no ) / an/ 45 35 No 559973545 5
We we (25: KB, 1050x2772)
We 1350491975714 new , 194x260, )
as Anonymous no ) ) 05 25 15 No 457453554 Reyna: _ _ Z_
hey /nu [me non some on story [we
be 15
satty home nne
school was the only getaway n had
school sann bored the sann out ewe
neverwinter to go home
every day n would wank around the only n was we n
same day as every day lust walked
stroll mm a dawn the Mans shop
loo[ ung at cos n wash n could Mien to
naan annes
w to check n out
young gm out she was an
no fucks wen bythe owe
kneel next to nen
nna m anon Are you okay?"
l got lost mm mummy and inns store scam,
store was dark and had loud modern rock and alt playong
Mant me to tellyou we new
yes please"
took nen out ewe shop and walked up and dawn the mam streets attemping to retrace
WWY we ane Nananne n ask nu name
ts lucy"
she shy as men makes me wash n was wen a cute sister
wank mm the subway staion to ask lady nne ean use the Pato call nu mum
nuee pulls en my sann crawly
anon n ' s mummy marinara“
huge sun nu nu mother
we thanks me nen nu daughter
mes me to nu house nen nennen as thanks
ohfuckyes we
mum nu a sand I we
ate them and enjoyed the We chat ma naan (army
Mays mother New call nu sanon)
we drops the awkward bomb
when my nuee grows up n hope we mes a handsome gentleman We you anon"
not sure when to say get out a "thanks"
asks me to and help nu around the house
husband nen nen and we had no man around the house
wee every 3 en an days
manned the lawn panned the house we plumbing and attempted to look wen nen Mme ean
inns new was
got stuck somewhere between daddy and brotherman nuee
nna post nns. get a dunk and conitnue n people ane Interested, l gets really mcking haw soon
one nun. n stroll m wen knocking
see some cunt standing m the
who ane you?" (runny 19. tank m top sann
sanon walks mm the hall and catches mm before he was gang to abuse me orwhatever
anon inns my nen bookend cunt"
cunt looks We he had been beat wth a baseball bat
cunt trys to be mos "how ane ya?"
not bad"
leave the new nne and sanon banner alone
go to nne nuee
nuee does inns hug (hung where n have to sann nen everygame n see nen en we gets mad
ts seen New exited?"
mnn mg brother mode "ts not good people en than looks lucy"
okay my anon"
anyong to be funny ‘n me en my looks when we met, you would have though n was a alen"
no, n tank you look mes anon"
cute as men
anon, can you hnve cunt a hand the please"
walk mm the lounge and see cunt standing at the famously lighter end
nna the bananen and mane n a newfeed and put n down
mddle ewe nna cunt looks me dead m the eye
you schythe men away mm sanon. en nna (beening k/ l you"
we put the calms! down
all n could tank "cunt (beening swans. nna get cut nna stay here"
make a sann excuse to leave
gm nuee a hug
dont leave me anon, n am scared accunt
ts okay nuee m only a phone call away'
saved my number en auto dal
stay btaylor a month, nen cunt get senence nna
have to nun agaen
standing out the rant ewe house, bulldog my courage
knock quetly and walk w
head meanng mm the bedroom
sanon at nuee
rush mm the mum and push though the door
see cunt owe up standing wen sanon
Eck you, you slut"
n had heard enough
nna cunt square m the sde ewe head
dazed nen a second
gets up and punches me amass the mum
fucked up Muse en nne. eyes nee. taste oxblood
cunt pulls a me. Mme swim blade we
sonny guys m drunk and want to get l out
cunt stabs me n the gut wth the we
all n can tank men n: buck ass and the we seem
cups buck w the door and save my beta ass
bleeding everywhere, sanon anyong. never seen nanny before
naan nuee anyong mm nen mum two doors down
cups new the men out alum! and throw mm m the ean
mes and and n grey out
all n naan "ls anon okay, anon okay" mm both nuee and sanon
cups them down
anneon hospital took about 4 manures
wake up a day later, sure as men. by nen about 5 noones longlost below my nna aage
spend 2 weeks n the bed
no one wee. not nuee en sanon. not my own (army. only seinens and nurses
get released shrine 2 weeks
nun (hung n do n: go to see sanon and nuee
walk w beening We sann
Sarah, lucys"
sanon come walkng out and gees to hug me but stops herself
anon, thank god you were there en he would have k/ led me"
assure nen nns okay
where n: lucy?"
she at the profane hospital"
oh men. what happened?"
cunt he"
sanon breaks down and annes en me
we raped nelonen when she told me n lost It"
my whole world to pence: around me
nuee w hospital, shrunk eano she got there
n wen around, sanon wens me to we m wth them a week
n we wth them nen anothere was
one day n got home mm work
message en the counter
n nun there wth all my endurance
takes about manures to get there runnang due to name
nuee w a hospital bed en nne support
sanon anyong
nuee sannes at me and says " we you anon" and gees mm a m
nuee med en me everythng nen 30 manures
seinens condemed n was a and nen immune system was destroyed by HIV/ AIDS
sanon ance got " m nen beening wen nen
Anonymous on () 08 an No 457458721 an »4: » » »4:
cunt ' sen non parole m 2 years
n plan on pnice arm
Sarah ' dong nen and not a day gees try n em (hunk on Lucy and nen has when n man men nen w that basement on shop
makes me want a may on my awn
nononno hard suptapong two people on a yucky soigne was
may day n get on and walk that same name n walked the day n men may
n dunno why on what n hope to achive
ts probably my nay on punishing mrlennon neing them that day
sumo: new such a shit up guys, my slay taing probably can no shit manna my taking the tune no lead
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#1 - DrollHumor
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(08/01/2014) [-]
stickied by prototypedaytona
I am unable to convey my emotions through human means, please accept this nuke of roughly 33,500 kilotons of rage.
I am unable to convey my emotions through human means, please accept this nuke of roughly 33,500 kilotons of rage.
#2 - isolovegames
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(08/01/2014) [-]
The fact that there are people like 'cunt' just blows on a flame in my soul that justifies murder... to THOSE kinds of people.
User avatar #3 to #2 - prototypedaytona [OP]
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(08/01/2014) [-]
I know what you mean, dude. This tore me to pieces.
#9 - boobiebanger
Reply +1 123456789123345869
(08/04/2014) [-]
I'm on the floor in a ball Crying
#8 - unfairlybanned
Reply +1 123456789123345869
(08/02/2014) [-]
Knees weak,
Palms sweaty.

So upsetti.
#6 - nopefarther
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(08/01/2014) [-]
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User avatar #5 - ishallsmiteyou
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(08/01/2014) [-]
This post is old as balls, but I still want to take that guy and beat him to death with a mannequin leg with a nail driven through it.
#7 to #5 - lgninjaleetful
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(08/02/2014) [-]
1 and a half year is old as balls, interesting.
User avatar #4 - bronynexgen
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(08/01/2014) [-]
I want to kill that cunt.