Spaghetti Stories. Fresh 4chan Spaghetti. Anonymous ( Sun)' 1135 splaying with Chronicles in front room slalom tells me to take back my star wars book to the li Spaghetti
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Spaghetti Stories

Fresh 4chan Spaghetti

Tags: Spaghetti
Anonymous ( Sun)' 1135
splaying with Chronicles in front room
slalom tells me to take back my star wars book to the library
shaven' t seen sunlight for 3 weeks
Aggree to go
at the library sweating like a fat wheres cunt in the middle
put book down
studying all the pages for some reason
Reemember I put a string of speghetti in the book as a makeshift bookmark
bulrush is standing behind me with harlock boyfriend in the queue
inevitably pulls the string of spaghetti out of the book
suace turns to the color of a tomato
left-. the. --. the. -kitchener
sexcase me sir there will be a fine you' ll have to pay
soull of bird seeds, lego bricks and soul gems
cell phone
hone is now soaking wet due to my sweat
snook in contacts
sthere' s just mom, phone company and police
Sphaghetti now pulsates out my fanny pack
litterally run for my life
gets caught in the door
silky hm...
stalking dog in park.
shot day so only have vest and shorts on.
knotice cute girl walking towards me.
stuart to get nervous.
stry to play it cool.
spat on swagger + cool guy face-
skirt smiles.
spaghetti start to boil.
simile back.
sshe comes closer.
agirl says Hi.
sphaghetti in fanny pack reaches EDD Cl
sshe asks if
sphaghetti is ofthe sun.
out tamagotchi
skirt looks confused and worried.
saweet stains start forming on my power rangers vest.
scan feel fanny pack trembling, park starts to shake.
agirl is visibly frightened at this point.
jzip starts to give on fanny pack.
knotice dog looks scared
ssay "' s teethe weather?"
sphaghetti can no longer be contained
stog howls as spaghetti explodes from ass.
spick up dog
osprey girl with spaghetti from dog ass.
pshaws no sign of stopping.
pstart screaming "HOWE THE WEATHER"
skirt covered in mountain ass spaghetti
sammach dog to back as make
sap finally breaks on fanny pack.
force of ass spaghetti and the spaghetti from fanny pack start to propel me up.
abreak through stratosphere.
sin space.
smile mum wont let me watch Chronicles because I lost my tamagotchi
Cl Anonymous (Wiw' )'
sat highschool
sbe fft ‘limbs pale white nerd with big glasses
sbe basketball team mascot
styrene kobe jordan our best player hurts his knee
sail the rest ofthe team is out due to aids and cannot play
st have to substitute him arwe play with one less
sget passed the ball
spass straight between everyone tower like legs due to height
for the big dunk
scanned jump more than half ofthe height due to being a manlet
sget mad
pstart turning green
smuggles start growing. become ripped as ****
tshirts start being ripped
smy spaghetti starts falling from my pocket
stry to grab my spaghetti while all the basketball team plus coaches plus cheerleaders steal my spaguetti
gget madder
sget greener
sget bigger
pstart running towards running school janitor demanding more pasta
strip on my cape
**** head first on flocer
abreak my glasses
ssholes of broken glass hits everyone
gget detention
sbeast into treats
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Submitted: 03/04/2012
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#1 - fargone (03/05/2012) [+] (3 replies)
I don't understand this "Spaghetti" thing. Is it like a metaphor for shame?
#5 - anonymous (01/17/2013) [-]
No you're a **** head!
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