Ragnarok Online Revenge. . I Anonymous 9911 ) aat tail File: 1339909_ KB, 19411325, ) splaying Ragnarok Chine sthere' s a certain boss (MVP) that requires 4 peo separate by comm eg Cars crashes
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Ragnarok Online Revenge

I Anonymous 9911 ) aat tail
File: 1339909_ KB, 19411325, )
splaying Ragnarok Chine
sthere' s a certain boss (MVP) that requires 4 people to do a hour quest (it' s based on drops)
ffriends and i spend 1. 5 hours doing it
swe finally finish
llittle shits that hang out in town try to take the portal that opens to the boss before us
swe all get there
sthe boss kills us because of all the pvp fighting
sfor some reason the portal closes
tthey laugh at us over chat
vi to the GM
she tells me to get over it, it' s not like i was an important member ofthe sewer or anything
sow of my friends quits playing that day because itwas such a waste
vi swear revenge
vi make a girl character, deerstalking to the kids
ttheir guild is really tightened
vi target the youngest one
vi make him believe i really like him and that i would we to be part of his guild
she spends a whole day whining to his older brother, the guild leader, to let me in
sthe guild leader is hesitant, since their guild is meurthe top in ranking
she lets me in marl show him i' m pretty decent at pvp
she lets me into the guild
skiddly ofthe night
slog in, steal all the shit in their guild storage
pprobably worth millions and millions in anygame money, weeks of gathering items
ware cards (think of runes in diablo 2)
vi go to sleep
vi don' t play for a few days
slog back in on my real character
shear that the guild basically [: ted and the older brother apparently beat the shit out and was new facing charges for child abuse the was like 19 and his brotherens 14)
schade 1 of my plan is comeplete
I Anonymous 9911 ) aat tail
File: 1 33991 0320901 jpg-( 53 KB, 400x400, 1 )
Part 2 Camt' d
stome for phase 2
sfor about weeks straighty have f) bots running during the dead hours ofthe night
vi farm a rather expensive, yet easy to obtain item
vi have so much money it doesn' t even fit on one account (billions offens)
vi begin to flood the market with money ( that big ofa server, maybe 199 people during peak hours)
szene (anygame currency) becomes worthless
ppeople start quitting because the economy has switched to rare item drops from toastier bosses
sonly people with already gear can farm these bosses
sas expected, they' re the only ones left in the sewer after a while
sthe sewer shuts down a month later
smy revenge is comeplete
sniperwill i be this satisfied with vengeance again
smfw as i survey the damage i have caused
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