Pokemon University. /feel. Hy 1355190632956 (163 KB, 500x700, ) D Anonymous on 12/ 50 32 No 442759040 mans ‘ y present to you all, wth ande, the concept ray the fucking Flying shit
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Pokemon University

Hy 1355190632956 (163 KB, 500x700, )
D Anonymous on 12/ 50 32 No 442759040 mans ‘
y present to you all, wth ande, the concept ray the
mewo young man yawn wth a dream
play every generaton games
collected all the cards
tthese two boys grow Into man yet never lose than
mune was an to be a professor at a local We shall call nun Red
ma other was an to be a For our purposes he S Blue
teaches a class that has lust recently woken up m populance
Deck Bulldog
llt IS the only Pokeamon kanssa waved at ms and he IS the sole professor oft
llt w Red' s , new class and Mus up Wynny's ofthe my
everywhere cannot way to butthat "easy A' m such a syrupy class
D Anonymous on ) ( Monin 51 13 No
We 1355190673641 my Kfa, 215x300, my
any Barthel class early
classroom bums: wiry exactement
complain aboutthe naw Polyamory Mme others complain thatthe lecture 5 2 hours long 3 Mme: awaay
ma classroom y: decorated wiry Pokeamon
mon the board y: a Hay Charzard card, no nanny drawn try Red
Squattered around the room are charts, posters, and mans Polyamory artwork
and Red y: nowhere to be seen
on the dot he enters the classroom m
class comes to adell hush
stares any atthe class m
here wants to be a Polyamory master'?
maed' s ma echoes through the lecture hall
5 met wiry pure wanes
young, headstrong student exclaims m an almost 1010719 manner' l do, we all nor-
r' , son Sammy as now you had the guts to speak up, you MM now have to be excused may exam"
ma class bans an Incomprehensible rumble as the student / es and asks what he waldo
SSE}: forward, take any , and battle me ammy here, m from Mme class Should you Wyn, you MM pass the class wth an A and you never have to attend lecture ammy’
ma headstrong student step forward eagerly playng ms deck on Rays deck
mistakes Red Slurry: the student, a sweep try an Incredibly are Lamas card
hush falls class yet ammy
ma student 5 seen any Bryna classroom and y: never heard from agarmy
students dropped the class that day
was not what they had expected, and Rays had become you much to handle already
rumor had been around that the may exam was to supply beat Red m a battle
students dropped the class upon rumor
D Anonymous on ) ( 5140 No 442759268
D Anonymous on ) ( Monin 51: 58 No 442759350
We KB, 358x499, Pekachu my
any/ es atl sharp
ma class hegiras to steretype advantages Pokeamon
was the my Macy
reach student 5 wan a random type asignment They are to spend no may than my a completely naw deck
or ths type
weeks are tournament We battles
watch each two at aims, studing stratagem and methods
Yayyay a any , Red was the second Macy
study Mayan, m class Mme y: used to Pokeamon stratagem and deck deign
tthere are two weeks yan
kanssa Mme semester students should have been constantly upgrading and decks they made ray Macy
are wan abate and (me on the Hades:
ma may exam 5 wan one at aims to each student m Rays ma
enter the mom and my a com
the students MM battle Red as exam
the students must battle Blue as exam
grading Mme y: as
student was cards yan D
student was cards yan c
student was card yan B
the student beat ether Red or Blue they MM Cecelia an A and
PMA Polyamory Master' s Degree
class catches on quck as Red becomes renowned
ream‘/ es extra the class
makes a breakthrough m gamma
5 awarded a Nobel Dyna ray ms work
funds the two men open
are the pressents arm , betther my themselves the we 'Crampons' arm
D Anonymous on ) ( 55: 10 No 442760007
D Anonymous on ) ( Monin 56 42 No 442760324
We 1355191002100 my KB, 270x370, Jonson my
coma from all my to enroll
students are enrolled m the
years or Is distence, the number interchanges Only 1000 students are enrolled at any one [me ms number encompasses freshmen,
sophomores, etc
such a small enrollment, the crampons can spend wth each student
ma y: made up or many bu/ dogs
reach bulldog 5 erected to house Pokeamon type
ma We bulldog ray example y: always the others; and keys We any bulldog should
ma water bulldog 5 com upon anteing pools , , etc
methodology appled to everytime bulldog
Janaya as most have anywayy basketball courts, Polyamory has anywayy battle areas
winstead or outdoor chessboards, anywayy battle mats are placed around campus ray mock battles
tthere are tearaways m the center ; these are the towers Red and Blue
towers are away wiry naw addles and puzzles deny
and Blue always the ways arm wk Master and ms tuck house m Polyamory Ruby y/ hystory
D Anonymous on ) ( 56 58 No 442760394
D Anonymous on ) ( Monin 57 21 No 442760462
We 1355191041317 KB, 382x625, Lamas my
E as
to now have 'General Educator Courses" -these are courses an mans top's students misstake- students who attend the Pokeamon misstakes at least one
kanssa that speckle's m each type
are known as the "type schools" and each 5 run try adament has mastered
5 deigned to broaden the understanding or Pokeamon abates and stratagem
must also, an top courses, complete a total or 3 exams
can be taken any (me the studentships
ma head each type school hosts each syain type exam
MU use a deck or a sungha type to battle the student
the student precal MM be granted a' badge' or ment
all a and requirements ray than mayor students may an to ems my professors
professors are allowed to have dual type decks
the students go an to ems my professors they MM go an to battle Red and Blue
double battle arm one Red and Blue MM determine Wine student 5 aims Pokeamon Master
D Anonymous an ) ( Monin 58 00 No 442760604 Remus ' " "
the student precal they w/ l be named a Pokeamon m they studer
any MU then present the student wth a Hay Charzard card and theivery awn gentically
created Pokeamon
has studer creamy and animay genes so ray ms work has only been able to anyways
has modded wards to have hearts arm, born
modded turtles to be able to project/ e We water bursts; thus Squitle was born
Maw modded aimed to be to yassan as well as have ray Maya, us my steps
complaing Pokeamon students go out Anya the world wiry than naw my breathing Pokeamon and than my Hay
Charzard card
have recounted tans
have my lost unchanged the decks they used to red and blue
ma my Hay Charzard card serves as a keepsake anywayy stuggles m Pokeamon
revery Pokeamon has coma atthe m one way or another
essentually one MN be chosen to replace Red, and one to replace any
hand out Pokeamon to postgraduates m hopes that one day they MM my the nght
revery graduate hears the same words champen' s mouths
awn Pokeamon legend 5 about to and adventures wiry Pokeamon
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(12/11/2012) [-]
To the front page you glorious bastard!
#11 - Azz
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(12/12/2012) [-]
I just blew a load in my pants reading this.
User avatar #17 to #11 - anthonyd
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(12/12/2012) [-]
An entire generation did, friend..
#8 - farmermcguffen
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(12/11/2012) [-]
the dark type house for the negros
User avatar #15 to #8 - hazmathank
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(12/12/2012) [-]
Where is that from
User avatar #18 to #15 - mistressluna
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(12/12/2012) [-]
User avatar #2 - cocopopsonfire
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(12/11/2012) [-]
i think ima need to refill on feels after that one
#16 - Tacos R Us
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(12/12/2012) [-]
This....This was ******* amazing
This....This was ******* amazing
#13 - sillylittlefuckers
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(12/12/2012) [-]
this sounds incredible.
this sounds incredible.
User avatar #20 - whycanticaps
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(12/12/2012) [-]
awesome. awesome to the max
#19 - thewellhungarian
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(12/12/2012) [-]
HOLY ****
HOLY ****
#3 - anon
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(12/11/2012) [-]
Yes. For the love of god, YES!

I think I just orgasmed...
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