Phil Fish being a gigantic phanact.. He's a douchebag who complains about everything.. tgem Err‘ you guys are such gigantic faggota. i was making forward to Fe:
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Phil Fish being a gigantic phanact.

He's a ******* douchebag who complains about everything.

tgem Err‘
you guys are such gigantic faggota. i was making forward to Fe: l its one thing to not like a game. hat did you have to go out of your way to make sure the ascend one didn' t
get made? **** you.
t , . t is My El Anonymous (' t ) CI Anonymous tma/' ) tuiu Na.
it' s with a heavy heart that we announce that FE? II has been :4 was mu king {award to Fet: ll :rall, E DELTED
cancelled and is no longer in development. We apologize for the
disppointment Get out, you CANT HIDE ANY MORE FISH
Plepty- it Taproots N More
1 I Fl. l - at Jul :3 (?.e. . ii. 5: He cant even ******* that right, Suck my dick. choke on it Phil. you scumbag piece of **** .
C] Anonymous Noa) asides: ' '
Does that mean that this faggot will go away new Excellent- Fee was a piece of **** anyway.
C) : St eilo. “tetra ' Cl anonymous tmpl' reassessed: eons;
I one give a **** about phil faggot. until i soothe video where he a no infront of a when crowd by telling him Japanese games such.
P The guy seemed so happy. I applaud him for standing up with his **** english and asking that question.
hawr. youtuber.
n. . Cl anonymous /
e' implying that faggot dos anned any more money
implying fez two would come out before the bastard died **** "
mow long did it take to make the that one
how many people want We man dead
C) Anonymous ? 'ilo.
its not our fault you were looking forward to a **** game. book at the bright side of it. New you can look forward to good games.
Cl .fagnonymous ' l ) Mu.
**** or, Phil,
I' m baffled at how people siren talk about FEE I being cancelled, or haw some actually tensor it was in before it got cancelled-
I don' t readily intone myself whether some at year old makes or cancels some newgrounds Rash game either.
That . someone **** score can call being even more of t h re a d d e I ete d
Boeing this much of a faggot
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Submitted: 07/30/2013
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User avatar #1 - hyrulist (08/01/2013) [+] (2 replies)
dont hate me but who is fish and what did he do and why is he a phanact ?

not from america btw
#2 to #1 - kamikazeren (08/02/2013) [-]
Alright, so from my understand Fish is a guy named Phil Fish. He's an indie game developer made this game called FEZ. His company is called Polytron and Fish tweeted saying he cancelled the sequel to the game. But that screencap of Fish's tweet shows a delete option which is only available to the person who tweeted that post. So basically this seems like one giant ass sympathy stunt that Fish tried to pull and 4chan called him out for It.
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