Oldfags of /b/. . I Anomymous (ID: 0006) May His, 1666 Na. 004 On this very Day I hath been sitting beneath an Apple Tree, when out of a sudden, an Apple hath b Vintage 4chan
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Oldfags of /b/

I Anomymous (ID: 0006) May His, 1666 Na. 004
On this very Day I hath been sitting beneath an Apple Tree,
when out of a sudden, an Apple hath broken lease and calleth
desume upon ye Grundle.
What i f, Feline." fiat ta adecks, there be a Ferre Common an all
ye Earths, pulling an every [Elect great and small
its very Centre?
0002) May Hit. 1666 No. 006
Original Teletypes. I accuse as at being a massive Faggot-
May tth, No..
You know ***** about Gravity
ID: 6009 May tth, 1666 No. 007
Seriously, /Brethren,
What it. far any Chance. Small or Great, there be a Force acting man every Body. Celestial " in a
millar Scale, of Masse, making them attract each either?
Wherever You happen to let a small shieet fall, it under all seems to fall towards
the Cent re of Our trey Planet.
Amt law.’ will You explain to me new how it is that than never falls upon
Heretics: o
Christians: I
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Submitted: 08/12/2014
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#2 - wrocky (08/12/2014) [+] (6 replies)
What dost thou just exclaim to thyself, you meager wench? I'll have thou know I graduated valedictorian at Cambridge University, and thy hath partaken in numerous invasions of France, and thyself have over 300 recorded slayings. Thyself hath been trained in chivalrous warfare and thyself am the top Longbowman in the entire King of England's army. Thou art not a thing but target to thyself. Thy will conquer thou with accuracy the likes of which hath never been witnessed before upon this fair isle, dwell upon my oration. Thou think thou can get away with proclaiming such filth to thyself via His Majesty's letter deliverance service? Repeat your thoughts, copulator. As we engage in conversation thyself art summoning thy clandestine company of shadowy individuals across His Majesty's kingdom and thou fortress doth be traced this day so thou best prepare for the ruckus, peasant. The ruckus that decimates the pathetic meager object thou proclaim thou vitae. Thou be mortem, child. Thy can roam any county, any sunrise to sunset, and thy can take thou life in above 700 technques, and that's using naught but thy own gauntlets. Not exclusively is thy extensively trained in duelling without a blade, but thy pertain access to the entire arsenal of the His Majesty's Royal Cavalry and thy will use it to its complete usefulness to wipe thou forlorn buttocks off the face of the kingdom, thou meager dropping. If only thou could hath foreseen the divine retribution thou meager "quick-witted" exclamation would in due time bringeth upon thou, perhaps thou would hath halted thou tongue. Thou could not, thou did not, and thou art paying the blasted bounty, thou God forsaken imbicile. Thy shall excrete fury upon thou and thou will suffocate on said fury. Thou be vanquished, child.
#7 - acksl (08/13/2014) [-]
#3 - evilhomer (08/12/2014) [-]
>Implying You know Skite about Gravity
#10 - ezombio (08/13/2014) [+] (1 reply)
inb4 Newton was a Christian
religions ≠ anti-science
some religions/versions = anti-evolution
If you still think otherwise you're scraping the barrel and need to read a Dawkins book or something.
User avatar #8 - redstonealchemist (08/13/2014) [-]
in shakespearian times "ye" was pronounced as "thee" because th comes from y which comes from Þ, in futhark (also known as old english, the origin of the english language was dominated by vikings and their peoples).
Þ is pronounced as th, which is also short for thurisaz, thor and thorn.
thurisaz means 'thor's day' and later on as thursday. thurisaz is a day dedicated to the mighty thor. Þ is the 3rd letter in the reconstructed futhark written language, futhark itself, compared to its origin, is young as **** and compared to modern english, is old as **** .
nordic language dates back to not too long after the first ancient ancient egyptian hieroglyphs, which date back approx 12,000+ years.
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