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Never gonna let you hope

Wow these new hats are cool man.

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File: 138092_ (19 KB, 259x213)
Volvo at
alights dim, reem is pitch black.
relinking light.
3 illuminates the whole stage.
we bright the number 3 is burnt into everyone' s retina.
mes this 3 forever.
smashes through the wall like a ******* bulldozer.
creem stinks.
everyone had **** themselves
still screaming ""
burst, cum dribbling hem everyone' s underwear.
finally stops screaming l
clears his threat.
3 New hats ferreal Fortress"
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Submitted: 08/08/2014
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User avatar #4 - danster (08/08/2014) [+] (4 replies)
>3 new hats for TF2
>Gaben gets shot, crowd begins to become rowdy, a riot is inevitable
>Gaben stands up holds in the pain
>Just kidding, his blubber stopped it from hitting anything vital
>Begins to speak, some of the rabble have calmed down to listen
>"And now, I'd like to show you the new hats. They are promo items for an upcoming game."
>Crowd is only slightly interested
>Hats are Gordon's Goatee, Combine Helmet, and The Headcrab
>Crowd has stopped rioting and pays attention with utter awe
>The time has finally come
>"That's right, folks, it's what you've all been waiting for"
>Crowd cheers and praises Gabe
>Loud singing, people have gotten on their knees and started bowing
>Half the crowd fainted from their excitement
>"A Half-Life 2 HD remake!"
User avatar #6 - skyrimdovah (08/08/2014) [+] (1 reply)
>Be at E3 2033. Old Gabe Newell finishing up Presentation
>Not many new games coming out, mostly just HD Remakes anyway
>Then, a Half-Life esque 3 appears on the screen
>Half-Life music playing
>Entire room, ******** itself
>Small E appears before the 3
>Gabe Says "Have a great E3 everyone!"
>Gabe Newell shot to death on stage
#1 - omghekilledkenny (08/08/2014) [-]
**omghekilledkenny rolled image** Yeah right this has a greater chance
User avatar #13 - jfbyers (08/08/2014) [-]
> "Gaben Gets Shot"
#9 - wwhhaaq (08/08/2014) [+] (2 replies)
10 bucks you made this and then immediately posted it for thumbs

what is this, 2011? even 4chan-goers aren't cancerous enough to do this stupid **** still
#8 - blablub (08/08/2014) [-]
I'll be so ******* disappointed if they will announce Half Life 3 like just any other regular game...
#12 - stenchschleifs (08/08/2014) [-]
Volvo presents their new model, Volvo Redneck-Pilsner
User avatar #10 - hsm ONLINE (08/08/2014) [-]
>Gaben gets shot
#7 - spirits (08/08/2014) [-]
I'm still looking for the one where gabe is airlifted in and swallows some guy at the end
User avatar #5 - buttkickerboy (08/08/2014) [-]
Anyone got that fry face?
User avatar #3 - Mortuus (08/08/2014) [-]
Too bad Valve stated that it isn't happening.

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