Motivation. . Anonymous (/ ) 04: : 39 No. 526024 f 36 So I was thinking in the shower and I blew my own mind. I' m just gonna write down my thought process . IE thatguywithpants 4Chan motivation
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Anonymous (/ ) 04: : 39 No. 526024 f 36
So I was thinking in the shower
and I blew my own mind. I' m
just gonna write down my
thought process .
My attitude towards artsy
people (people who try to make a living out of
any form of art) up until now was as follows:
Why don' t you do something real to contribute
to society? Get a real job, support the
economy, etc. You probably won' t make it
anyways. You just want attention because of
some deficiency in your childhood. I can' t even
take you seriously as an adult because your
priorities are so fucked."
And then I heard this one talk by Alan Watts
about "nothingness." By nothingness, he was
referring to an overall lack of sentience. In other
words, what state "you" are in after you die.
Complete nothingness.
He said that everything else is nothing,
Everything except thinking life forms that is.
The earth, cosmos, void in space, everything
else is what we would consider "nothing". So
really, dying isjust returning to normality. Going
back to how "you" existed eternally before you
were given your short amount of time to
experience ,
This made me realize how much everything we
do really isn' t worth shit. Sure, an entrepreneur
will make the world a better place for a couple
generations, his name might be in history
books, but who the fuck cares when we all rot
away to stardust? Advancements in technology
and biology will help to make our experience
here more comfortable, but its only for the 70-
100 years that we are able to even experience
Anonymous o f/ 09/ f Th u) 04: 42: 42 No. 525024219
Then you die, all who knew you die,
all who knew the people who knew
you die, and then we all become
equal nothingness. The earth
mg KB JPG explodes and our remains/ atoms
are shot into space. Murderers,
philanthropists, politicians, rapists, musicians,
doctors. Everyone all together blended into an
unconscious mass of spacesuit.
Back to my original point about artsy people
and how this changed my opinion of them. Arts
and music really only exist to be enjoyed by
others. They don' t serve a physically beneficial
purpose is what I mean. They are emotional
People who live to enjoy and create these
things are truly maximizing their moment of
In the grand scheme of
things, who the fuck cares how successful you
were in life. I mean if that' s what makes you
HAPPY, then by all means, do it. it it helps
others to be happy in the future, that' s an even
better reason to pursue whatever your goal is.
But if you end up a stressed out wreck with 2
beach houses 6 cars and a corporation under
your belt, whats the fucking point? My ashes
are gonna be right next to yours in a couple
billion years.
I' m not saying don' t try to make money or make
something of yourself. I' m saying that I have a
whole new respect for people who live more for
the enjoyment of life than for monetary success.
I mean really, as far as you know, these
relatively) few years of consciousness are all
you have, Why waste it trying to get more shit
than you need? Try to get enough shit to
support yourself and be comfortable
comfortable" is a standard that varies) and
then just enjoy the fuck out of life, Do drugs,
immerse yourself in music, books, gaming, the
internet, art, whatever it is that has a positive
effect on you emotionally.
Okay I think I got all of that out. Fuck anyone
who read this entire thing. Hope it helped you
out though. Gonna go mp it out now.
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