Meme: Origins. /funny_pictures/465634/April+fools/ Origin of Forever Alone Guy a.k.a. FAG. Brief History of Rags Comics i About Rage's is a used to express seri Meme: Origins /funny_pictures/465634/April+fools/ Origin of Forever Alone Guy a k FAG Brief History Rags Comics i About Rage's is used to express seri
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Meme: Origins

Meme: Origins. /funny_pictures/465634/April+fools/ Origin of Forever Alone Guy a.k.a. FAG. Brief History of Rags Comics i About Rage's is a used to express seri

Origin of Forever Alone Guy a.k.a. FAG

Brief History of Rags Comics
i About Rage's is a used to express serious ,
mg exasperation or displeasure in any given situation.
vur'', i' v. origin: Comic strip about the ‘(mini ' experience. first Easier} on man
using a template waded by the original poster
About Trollface, it km, Tyour/ tce" is it character used to imply ones intention to
origin Mspaint comic about the essentially pointless nature on
a. posted by a user named on s ism u _
Devianart, /w -
About: Cereal Guy rs a character commonly used on discussion forums
as a multipurpose reaction race.
Origin: Cartoon strip about a couples argument posted on Sr" nnr'
Forums In/ graphic designer on Averill in 20: 17]
About: okay Guy is a character who always complies by saying ‘okay’ m various
circumstances where mast Ragecomics characters would be mined to disagree or
react negatively popularized by khan T
origin: Ream mead posted on August 24th, 2010; sun researching
Theres - pesron " ychan /
About Fuckyea Guy is a looking character used to explans we
or victorious sentiments. we when you wake up a few seconds before the morning
alarm goes on
Origin Pasted via /bl board 2010
About: Forever Alone Guy rs a lonesome character that rs used to
loneliness and disappointment with we Creators ofthis variety of rage comic
occasionally alter one word or both mine was ‘forever alone’ " a more humorous
erred, was/ 2010 is the image of
Funny unk
form"" alone recorded at Funnyjunk
origin on researching http// / / 4656"/
About "Y U NO" Guy is a character using SMS shorthand: and carefree grammar
as a way in bring someoene‘ s attention on a particular subject or issue
Origin comes from Cantt cm er 55 Naked Km (#025), a Japanese sun
About: The Gusto’ Guy IS a character that is typically used to respond m an
awkward or disgusting Ne <; Asia,' warch means "t pleases me" n
Spanish (alien understood as ‘Hike t' in English)
But wait..
Origin geared Q ' hiiragi' who mi Emmi the race on khan in-
treated. Kin
born on khan.
an lingo fares "created" by Redditors are and under or u my guys
case, who e the original content came from a different place, but someone
thought it would be funny to draw over it and give It I diffarent context than tho
original. Most has being templates o! Rage Guy.
Dori: originate from (First recorded den: won look it up) and later
South Park (Same creators.)
i am lunatic; Iron:
when In trance we do not
iii re was so mourn
we do t his
lo urns
The origin ofthe usage of the He'' word In rage minis dates back to the early
days of mg: comic. with this comic.
Other Faces of
Conceived on ' l In board Made by user 'Strongsuit" of the
around April 14th. 2009 studio boards on March tth. 2009.
tigey $
Mt it FREE
Originator an ' e Flood forums in a
First impound in mo on ' s IV 'tarsus', ' l' r' l, ttc',, hwg' r, teacher
Today I Will Listen to
some X
on. of the "rawst "Today I MII Listen we you Fucking Kidding He" began like an
be some X" image weeds was passed
via khan’: /mu/ board (music) in only
February 2010.
an khan in 2010
Obviously originates from khan' s M due to the ongoing we Has No
as mes" joke.
Now lets take a look at some of the
actually "original" Reddit Rage Faces.
They all have 1 thing in common. They are crudely
vectorized versions of popular screencaps reaction faces.
While LOLGUY' s true origins are still unknown, he
is likely to be the only original face created by
Reddit, which is strange, seeing how Reddit seems
to be fond of tracing and crudely altering the same
face over and over instead of making a new one.
mi guy has been said to have
originated on mien, butthe first Rudd' s:
thread was posted on Jun: 13, 2010.
The drawing may on hem insired by this
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