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#118 - createaprofileandy
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(11/23/2012) [-]

Original Comics: Besides the forced memes, the aspies of funnyjunk make their own really, really, really, really, really ******* ****** comics. Every single comic is made with MS paint. No joke. The kim jong even made an MS paint tutorial for the website. Srsly. These Comics on range from unfunny to fail, drawn by 13-year old boys consisting of overused memes in an attempt to make them funny. These comics will be posted on funnyjunk as if it's ******* DeviantArt and will be followed by the typical truthers who will say they're not funny or badly drawn, and the faggots who will try to defend the comic makers, only for the comic maker to post a comment that either says "It's my style" or just "STFU." These comics will typically get 1000+ thumbs (Thumbs are the currency on Funnyjunk, the moar you have, the kewler u r), and as soon as they do a subsequent rant comic will be posted in response saying "Funnyjunk isn't funny anymore," (old news bro) drawn in MS Paint, and at the end they'll repost a picture in order to make it "Funny." This cycle repeats indefinitely until the users have successfully completed their Cancer Orgy and go to bed