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My grand-grandfathers wife was from Sudety which was mostly habitated by germans, but it was czech territory.
(My GG-father was czech) in 1944 because our country was running out of food and stuff. and germans recieved more than czechs did, she, my gg-mother , went to office and told them that she want to have german citizenship to recieve more supplies. They gave it to her because she was german. BUT now when she was german her husband, my gg-father, have to go to war. He went to the barracks and act like he was deaf (not deaf like deaf, but very very bad hearing) and he got away with it 2 times. But 3rd time, new german officer say "DEAF? That's good in panzer" .. and so my GG-father went to Easter front. He survived 4 deadly hits and after all these battle he was leader of squad (4 tanks including him), after he recieved cross for bravery he went back home, he cried with his brother, because he now it was last time he see him. He died few days later in Battle of Budapešť.
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sorry did not log in. Im not shamed about it so ... it's not anonymous i guess.
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