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#52 - romerotxg
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(02/02/2013) [-]
>At a small local dinner, eating breakfast
>I order the usual rare steak
>A waitress, visibly in the final stages of pregnancy brings my meal
>As I relish on fine beef, I order scotch, as I always do after eating
>The waitress moves behind the counter to pour my drink
>She sees that the bottle is on rather high shelve and notices that her small frame and her condition would never allow her to reach it
>Despite that, being the independent woman that she is, she tries to get a chair that she can climb on, but all chairs are too heavy for her flimsy, feminine arms
>She looks around and her eyes lock with mine , and in an instinct she looks down
>"Yet again" I think as I disregard all stablishment rules and walk towards her, with sure steps
>Every men in the diner look over their rare steaks with mischiveous smiles. They can smell the oppression
>"S-sir... p-please, d-don't..." she tries to say
>With a single hand I put aside the heavy chair she struggled so much to move, in a swift, patriarchal move
>Her lips start trembling as her vagina involuntarily becomes moist, as a jew's mouth over money.
>Women all around lower their heads. A young girl in tears ask her mother: "Why mom, why?"
>The men relish on the fear, putting their hands inside their trousers, adjusting their now erect penises. Some start laughing and pounding the tables with their closed fists
>I get close to the woman, my fully erect phallus slightly touching her pregnant belly and without looking, I grab the bottle from the shelve
>She drops on the floor, holding herself, unable to hold her tears
>The men get up and start beating the tables with their erect penises, like percussion instruments. Their cheer, making the rape I'm commiting even crueler
>"Don't work too hard, miss. I got it."
>As I pick up a glass and pour myself a drink, she starts sobbing "Th-thank you..." and suddenly goes into labor
>As she screams, a ten-pound baby comes out of her, with a full-grown mustache
>"It was a privilege"
#71 to #52 - ofmiceandmen
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(02/02/2013) [-]
Much funnier than the actual content.
Much funnier than the actual content.
#69 to #52 - yurilove
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(02/02/2013) [-]
^this guy
^this guy
#63 to #52 - romdadon
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