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"Garfield at last on this hour I have trapped you and soon you will be meeting vengeance." Said Prince Harry with smugness.

"And soon you will be meeting your brother in hell courtesy of my hands of manly virtue." Garfield said with defiance.

"FOOL. You will be begging mercy on knees of begging when I am done with you. WHIP HIM!" Yelled Prince Harry with anger.

At Prince Harry's commands druid whipmaster whipped Garfield with whip but Garfield did not flinch but spat in his face.

"Pain is my pleasure you womanly fiend. My spirit will never break to you." Roared Garfield with manly resistance.

"We will be seeing about this. You can not last forever as hours go on your words of impudence will turn to tears of sorrow." Said Prince Harry with dark heart as he ordered continued whipping.

Hours and days went by with whipping but Garfield did not show sign of fatigue or tiredness. His face full of masculine stoicism he showed no pain.

"IMPOSSIBLE. No man can take such abuse!" Cried out Prince Harry in disbelief.

"Puny whips make no dents in my body of iron." Garfield said with cool confidence.

"Very well it is about time to be ending this show with encore. The Grand finale is your death. Prepare the lava!" Ordered Prince Harry to his druids.

Druids brought out large pot of lava with skulls be poured on Garfield but suddenly familiar voice was heard by all.


It was Jon Arbuckle on the hillside with hair blowing in wind and sun blazing behind him! Jon Arbuckle took out his flaming lasagna electric guitar and started playing cords of power. The rockin metal began giving power to Garfield muscles recharging them with rock. The power of metal ran through Garfield's massive muscles and he broke free of chains with ease.
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I have had SO much use for this gif lately.
I have had SO much use for this gif lately.
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That was beautiful.
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Thank you.