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#97 - klaedarkness (04/24/2013) [-]
Here's a pretty bad one
>7th grade me
>new school building so i don't know my way around
>Have diareah in first week of school
>I feel it coming but try to ignore it
>go to first period and realize that theres a real chance i'll **** myself
>ask to go to the bathroom
>leave classroom but dont know where bathroom is
> **** **** **** ****
>try to run to the end of the hallway
> **** myself, feel turds roll down my pant leg
>do the **** walk to the end of the hall and see bathroom
>pick up the turd that was in my sock and
> I end up getting away with it
>die of laughter when i see the small round turds i left in the hallway smashed during the time between first and second period.
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