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#337 - baditch
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(04/10/2012) [-]
What most people don't realize is that happiness is a choice. Of coarse things are going to happen to you that are out of your control, and they are going to make you sad, but you can still choose to be a happy person and lead a happy lifestyle. If OP or anyone else has this problem, all i can say is count your blessings. Look around at your friends and surround yourself with things that make you happy. If you think you need the girl to be one of them, consider this: Love comes and goes, and just becuase you love her doesn't make her "the one". Also, you are never alone. someone loves you, and more people will love you in your life. Also remember this: Don't give up on her. Before you try to find someone who loves you, you need to learn to love yourself. Never give up on yourself either.
User avatar #347 to #337 - mrtwilightsparkle
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(04/10/2012) [-]
It's a nice feelgood post, sure, but then there's that one damn thing that gets in a lot of people's way. Depression. Happiness is not necessarily a life choice. I know that feel, bros.
User avatar #362 to #347 - baditch
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(04/10/2012) [-]
Sometimes its hard. I have a friend named Trevor. We have been friends since we were like 5, but he has a certain arrogance and smart-ass attitude about him that kept him from having many friends. Now that we're in highschool, he smokes pot every day and feels sorry for himself. I have come to the conclusion that it's just in his nature to be less than very likable. Recently he tells me that he has depression and that he needs medication. "i need weed" he says. I wanted to tell him that if he smoked weed less and spent time bettering himself, he might have a higher opinion of himself. I wanted to tell him that his "depression" was self-diagnosed. In Spanish class my/our friend Alex (hot) who he has a crush on, asked him why he looked so sad. "Because i have depression" he said in that rising, superior tone that always irritated me very lightly. I shook my head, because there really is no debating him. I told him that my mom used to be depressed after her father died. She took medication, but they just gave her bad moodswings, and at times, caused suicidal thoughts like they warn about in the commercial. She got off the drug, and today she is happy as can be. She loves her job and her kids, and she did't let a loss in her life change who she was: A happy person. And that's exactly who he chose to be. We will lose more than one person who is important to us in our life. It will happen several times, and we all need to remember to be grateful for the people that love us, and not be afraid to say those three short words once in a while.