I don't know what to think. . related, t' s her Hae on same about es game marred one day ssne knows win her and she says Sheree's same way but " make out but we 4Chan rage
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I don't know what to think

Tags: 4Chan | rage
related, t' s her
Hae on same
about es game marred one day
ssne knows win her and she says Sheree's same way but "
make out but ween not much mare
me too much ands afrad weefee allthe do anyting mare
to bang a en
ween we out won ewe other guys wees call Erc and Dare)
of playong Halo at my house
smoke weed when Enc
about perms but newer get 1711/ 11211
Herc starts haning outtah we wee doesen someitmes
Hilareous armm he haning outwith 37 yew old
doesen buys nee and lets mm smoke at ms place
pstart ewe to ms place to em and playball we a week when we we and wee are ewe we s parents
we buys the beer has food videogames not bad situaton
mhe can have a nosey atitude and en's nee the we hangs but whatever
pstart baning the pseudolife these (mugs
we aways s used to only en at our hangs so whatever
E Anonymous on ) ( SNNT 36 20 No 452153414
E Anonymous on / ( 50 03 Ranks ». doeo
File new KB, 500x600, new
Sorry 1 suck at Woe
cousing knows that we be hes always hocking hong on new
part we she seamen Irma
mone day he asks ' m her on facebbok
when she says "on nee mare we my bestirred than '
he says 'Man you gotta fuckthat sht down we wee banging'
really see the once a week and she over all the Mme / l some one
her nee an asshole
mehe agrees hm tells me we new me ' t even know Howie) be rude"
nee we we can really stop Alng atual we at we new
essentually start Halo and halo drinking games
mwe' re retards we en's sooner
we Instant's random all the Mme
ihouse rules he says
Pawnee / really play he someitmes her
has to get the beers 'theres a mult% ll shit we that
aone day he proposes we hasto ewe on lap Mme nexttime
we the best Mus so : him
seamen my ‘Dude 1 she wants
aims samesame she laughs and says "(an boys '
e huge protecter get wee and wage men we
spends the me, oney Irene next couple arbours on islap
readng " we go home geto a nene wth her make on " we always do
Anonymous an ) ( Sal) 51 26 No 452154902
ality me to relive lolthis shit so my new the slow pace, we try to be hasty
Anonymous on / 19/ 13( Sat) 32 25 No 452153060 Remus »45215: ' » »
wen the same all my we butthe we all fucked up now know howto about her
mew parents are e one bedroom wth four so they dontcare she sleeps
D Anonymous on ) 01 19 No 462155892 Ranks » _ » »: e
thw hitherto do woke sexy dance
1 can get mad about
uncle has on the same day one hangs happens
her notto W
says we '
says shell wee get out of we but that the guys are pushy and wee bad at selene no
ween true statements but leetman harm have a ewe
In a nene
make up before lea'
en's weekend
wth new on nee backwar the parents she says to , she we guilty
k we
mourns out she had nytten too drunk and they we the game Ens and Dave all sew naked
we In
begotten more out otherthan me at we new
bascally my have to Md e new socal we
sshe calls me reallocate and comes my
was , says she nee a really we problem selene no and /
rhough her and goto bed cuddling
E Anonymous on ) / 13( 03 an
31: ‘elune we means
E Anonymous on ) ( 11 55 No 452156963 Ranks
Reeally awkward Enc and nextime 1 see them
really address we for a / e but we have an awkward sincee' m aleady pssed
stops downe to we new e we
Essentually starts gang
she We
slowly but surely wane haunt: where they were
know 1 gotta put e stopgap's
booze we mam enterence between my place and memes
booze out ornaments we play halo at my place
Ouldnt really know what we fuck 1 wee wee we corss# ags " much " we essere
Essentually parents hnd out
also been gummy dawn also
Pseudogiant/ p reverend 1 cuntgo nether e ween
cantered " ewe
tgxl couple offars es he has the place to to come my
to sneak out but get caught
call her but wee not on
day contact weekend so ewe see new at school
hattie_ ock we
fuck out, havong
E Anonymous an _ 8: 11 59 No 452156969
Hurry the fuck up on
E Anonymous on 20 31 No
1 want to behave do that
E Anonymous an ) ( 22 01 No 452157949 Raptors '% _ _ %
We .3455 KB, 800x598, )
ssee new at school when came:
sshe ewes me all day
sshe weaves before 1 contract her down
next her a tell her grounding we hacftw over sne can at lighttell me
Anne Enc and Dave (on freaked outta be subtle what the fuck tennesee
gween hocking Acking awkward but me thatcher played sanp halo
manc but Dave tells me as and coudln fag we Feelng her up / e she wee half passed out
Nays hes my and he wee to stop l
Wye no one else to be mad at so en out stave
resentfully she texts me back eventually ' re end’
In rant or ewe and seen run away
Aso hocking to ewe
we over
names no text no call no
Jennine at the door
meant even know howto be mad at her
tell her we okay 1 heard what happened you
Emmy and we go to bed
D Anonymous an } ) ( 22: 11 No 452157960 Remus _
ddont deem on we beta, we those two cant bathe only parameters 1 dont want to be ether of them
Anonymous on [) 32 22 No 452153975 Remus »4521 9. 71517
sorry em so slow, recanting we really Mekong me
Irene she randomly says " we you'
even gestate, say '1 nee you eon’
we ?" sne says
say ofcourse
resentfully we bad feffog
sshe tells me that she had no where to go one my parents have deriver
hated selene at new house and how 1 knew how much she hated her parents
resentfully admits she wee tawny hymn on norwey home Fiday (when happened)
herbs house we nee : harm stay new
em shaking / e shekel's meams
mthe way she wee stung all : and makes sense my mud
had a
ewe even have to ask but 1 do
me they went all the way
sure why 1 asked the deans but 1 had to
gnow ?
pshe says 1 ewe know a boon ewes and then settles down on we
we you
sshe says no but 1 wees her and she says she orgasimed
mrhat postmas?
and doggy
sneeze no
swete both crying we
state In the get at least
4521617' 7
we ween wand the days but Wu
ssne says 1 we you all the Mme roan all
eeveryone at school has heard about whathappened but 1 dentyne a ewe
ahold hands everywhere we tell each other aslong es we have each other we ll be okay
catch we yesterday
a text new oldfag selene to came my
men that hetreks wee
rater senior non new
was hearth Ent: and Dave
so bad mam
MMFW They say they are on way my to corss# ags
know whatta say
say/ m not wmm
magent' s are gangta w wth me 1 go wth them
halo and a / e
sso mad know what to do
Mensa of awkwardness we even wee
m not even Inthe mum
raryti get her to go hams multple mes. we and harm stay
whee on my loathe enire my arms around her
mend on Prometheus
has ewe hams en's pawl
Masks the misake of smthng wen get a new
awhell' m back she s on old% gs lap
ask her ewes okay
sshe We yes
emcee and new start
eene goes 'dude ch/ lout"
when she We 'dontworry he news’
ssne We wee stay
the was new mace
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