How Ron Jeremy Saved Mecca. le ron jeremy an troo hero. I Anonymoused: ) 05/ 23/ 13( Thu) 16: 50: 58 No. 482131806 Listen up virginfags, I got a Ron Jeremy stor jon reremy ron jeremy big willy willies Big Willy

How Ron Jeremy Saved Mecca

le ron jeremy an troo hero

I Anonymoused: ) 05/ 23/ 13( Thu) 16: 50: 58 No. 482131806
Listen up virginfags, I got a Ron Jeremy story fer you
me in 1984
n set, filming fer "Sex Pies"
Ron Jeremy will be in the film
my scene and turn around
Jeremy was watching
Hells me I did a
ass shouts at me, tells me I sucked
takes this personally and starts yelling insults back
get into an argument
Essentually argument shifts to who can do mere coke
sit down at a table, mountain rfcoke in ffront ofthem
start going line fer line
lines, Ron seems bored/ chill
otherguy is getting really fidgety, clearly having a hard time holding his ****
stands up and screams "LETS TAKE THIS **** UP A NC) ."
rips face off
was a horse all along
shoves his face into the pile rfcoke
Jeremy does the same
finish the mountain rfcoke
Achter El] grand worth
horse starts massing out, falls en the ground
kiln set EMT checks him, informs us he has died coke overdose
at Ron, he seems kind of out of it
him if he' s
says, "I don' t know Anon, I feel kinda tired"
out a baggie with meth in it
he needs to "even out"
meth, baggie and all
Jeremy looks me dead in the eye and says
I' m feeling a bit better now. I' m genna go sleeper's eff."
laid down en the en set couch and took a 4 hour nap
he woke up, ****** 4 chicks fer E hours
was finished
MMFW Ron Jeremy out coked a small horse
MMFW I met Ron Jeremy
MMFW Ron Jeremy took a nap after El] grand rfcoke and amphetamines
MMFW Ron Jeremy is my hem
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