Hambeast story. . 19 year old student in town. its a winter morning and very icey (no grit). Chalking around, picking up stuff. minding my own business. Spudden Hambeast
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Hambeast story

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19 year old student in town. its a winter morning and very icey (no grit).
Chalking around, picking up stuff. minding my own business.
Spuddenly marlboro potamus (pic) walks around the hyperactive kid.
mos full pelt in to my leg and slips over- then starts wailing like afucking air raid siren.
few people braving the cold ignore and walk past like normal decent human beings.
waddles right upto me - doesn' t even check rathe kid is actually okay, and screams in my face "HOW FACKIN DARE YA., WHO DA FACE DO YOU FINK YOU ARE YOU OUNT. I' ll ) UR FACKIN HEAD IN"
Shmell of her is unbearable. a teargas offars- sweat. cheap lager and sour perfume -"No no, he ran in to me. I didn' t hit.."
e The hideous blob procedes to try and slap me. but since that was a breach offer annual exercise quota, she missed...
didn' t so much land on the ground as envelop it. but nevertheless on the .
We are at the top ofa slight but rather long hill. nice wide pavement. no cars around. no other people around now either.
a slighty push the monstrosity with myfoot.
s about to start screaming about how I kicked her. but she starts to slide.
is too fat to use her limbs to get up. let alone stop herself.
e The kid stops crying and watches the shouting swearing human snowball slide down the hill.
a Kid starts laughing his head off, I do to.
keep laughing as she comes to an abrupt halfie a snow drift by a shop.
toms and says in his sweet kid voice "that was so funny. high five?"
at turn and . knowing that I have given a small child a memory he will cherish for a
bitch fat mum sliding down a hill whilst he and a guy he doesn' t even know piss
themselves laughing.
row I remember how I made some kid' s life a little bit better
Anonymous to ) ' 13/' ial( Thu)' : Noyt? 4947087 Rapids: -
I' m vaguely amused having similar experiences.
filthy creatures aren' t they
Anonymous ( Atributes) ' /' W( Thu)'
Oh dear me] enjoyed that story. Thank you fbr.
Anonymous to roadster; (%)' tram
I' ll share minato dive direction to this thread.
Aaround 5 years old
rig ta no by train
slag pushes past me to get on train
foot trapped between train and platform
Rose shoe alter getting loot out
Dad yells at said fat slag to get off train
to call police if she gets on train
Love my Dad. They were nice shoes too, they ht up and everythink.
Captcha: see testees
is a pretty cool guy
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