HL3. . Anonymous 08/ / 12( Fri) 14: 54 blts. 151505393 2013 3' -The crowd is waiting with bated breath for the presentation, where Gabe Newell is rumoured to be HL3 Anonymous 08/ / 12( Fri) 14: 54 blts 151505393 2013 3' -The crowd is waiting with bated breath for the presentation where Gabe Newell rumoured to be
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Anonymous 08/ / 12( Fri) 14: 54 blts. 151505393
3' -The crowd is waiting with bated breath for the presentation, where Gabe Newell is
rumoured to be announcing Hm
is about to begin
Alights dim
Hewett walks onto the stage to mass applause
Everyone, I am Gabe Newell"
I‘ -Some scattered "Hello" ti; back from the crowd, with applause
Today I would like to share something very special with you. Our latest release title, Half
Life 3!"
crowd goes ballistic as the Hm logo appears on the screen behind him
breaks into a nervous smile
continues in a weak voice
But that' s not all. I' d like to introduce to you all our studio on this project,
Ninja Theory!"
GNT logo appears next to the I/ ALI/ e one.
And our chief designer on this project, Mr. Tameem Antonina's!"
moonwalks onto the stage, wearing an extremely bowlcut reneck, skinny jeans, a Weathercocked, and Converse CHUCK
takes the microphone from Gabe brusquely
seems flustered
gives an excited scream
Hello, Boys and Girls! Are you excited for the return of Halved Life it and Jordan Freedman?"
Newels face perceptibly twitches at the mistake
3' -The crowd is in shock
steps back from the screen.
Step aside Gaben, some of the spectators want to watch the trailer!"
gives the crowd an exaggerated wink.
lights go completely out
Part 2 Anonymous 08/ 17/ 12( Fri) 15: 06
Derailer opens with Gordan Freeman walking towards the camera
is jet black, and messy at the front, Nirvana toshiro
Iglasses are gone, cigarette in his mouth
Whearing an edgy leather jacket covered with zippers, with a large marijuana leaf on the back, and his
crowbar over his shoulder
see he is approaching a combine checkpoint, where metrics's are harassing a family
stops 15 feet away, and begins shouting at the combine
Hey! Combined assholes, why don' t you pick on someone your own fucking size for a change"
spits out his cigarette and adopts a cocky grin
throws his crowbar through the air like a boomerang, which causes three of the guards to explode in blood
catches his crowbar
What goes up, must come down". He begins grinning
runs at the checkpoint with crowbar held high, soon striking down the rest of the metrics's
struts and swaggers around the corpses
like you fuckers picked with the WRC) C) C) C) C) physicist". He pauses, then shouts:
Ytw aren' t going to oppress the common man anymore Combiners! Do you hear me?"
Vance steps out from behind a pillar
breasts and a huge ass, wearing shorts and a tube top with overall straps, face is heavily madeout
pulls a lollypop from her fat, coated lips and sighs My Herroroo"
3' -Jordan' s cocky grin goes ever wider
Get ready Gaman, you and your Combined oppressor fucks are going fucking , capiche?"
begin running towards a mysterious city, covered in dark clouds and lightning
lights go up, most of the crowd is dead from shock
Carying is audible from the back of the stage.
lal it was the wireight"
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