Good vs. Evil on 4chan. Those of you who are familiar with DnD might know this as an alignment chart.. Nice person D Anonymous 87/ 84/ 35 No 25823159 Got my cou Good Evil Alignment
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Good vs. Evil on 4chan

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Good vs. Evil on 4chan. Those of you who are familiar with DnD might know this as an alignment chart.. Nice person D Anonymous 87/ 84/ 35 No 25823159 Got my cou

Those of you who are familiar with DnD might know this as an alignment chart.

Nice person
D Anonymous 87/ 84/ 35 No 25823159
Got my cousen ow of math
I' m pretty tame wytn worsting ever, when 1 spents manute debating whether 07 not to save my mothers we been set up my we because
D Anonymous 07/ 05/ ) 00 18 No 25824817
D Anonymous m, W, , 44 No 25823270 B Anonymous 87/ 84/ 13( 47 No 25823389
We 1372% my KB mm“ ) We 1372992448878 n 4711 KB, 826x758, 1 cant take tnys pm
Well, good moaning My bad TM ' ' _
mummy Talked several mews out , donated my ham I' m not really one my tryong to measure my pews tryharding now nace 1 am to other people
Well, the worsting we done? Let' s see to Locks my Love
Worsting Introduced some army mews 10% sad, the' maest' gone to comfort multple cousen at ney and ney brotherbig no mason at all She went up and
same up mm my gym the Maya ofthe mght grabbed my my and Wan. home locked no mom and cnet, omle no outside wytn no son (who 15 no omens fa‘/ outs owe two) wwent up and talked to nemmy a and got neato come out, and gave
no a by hug Later, she gave me 1 have pressed between the pages , and called me no hem
1 had my masons, but In the mddle ohm nght? Fuck me Reple,
Best thog? we worsting we anytihng to that Mich Ma mother She acomplete numb, and 1 know my amt almost emmy day she screams at the keds my no mason tears me apart because
multple cousen sweet as can be 1 had have done sometihng, but 1 never laas staying In ney nouse at the tyme
misred a gym We sne happ/ stold me she had drank a bottle orane trainloads orp/ ls and 15 new golnx to the raw tracks Polce got to and was new
D Anonymous 87/ 84/ 13( 82 No 25823578 'd', Anonymous 87/ 84/ 13( 37 No 25824215
mast stood up my my mend and helped pay what he owed when he went We drunktard and threw a manhole covey at a restaurant, breaking a potted plant new Best Led to my boss and told nym 1 started a workplace haht because the other guy really needed the money and 1 could to mooch my a few months
D Anonymous / 04/ most horable smacked agel' s ass when y was , sad galway orgasam at the tune) mend orning; broke my brothers femur Worst Three yeahs on a My job was to take the habbits, , and pet them calm and happy, then In the head wytn a ups Wynn dont pet themost the meat gets
alltough ham panic iddnt really mud
we we was encourage an old mend orning, wno was stuck deep In the closet because he was arad hm dad would disown mm, to come out How no may happen, your
always love you, because gay, straght, 07 otherwise, you would be hm son he
Granted, dad actually dd disown nym and he was secual my , but he pulled through Nicest sot to herself, made wytn my jelaous , and conduced my not to do [ [both my system were In rehab my
the same thog) Dated my and some [mes she' d ht me but I' d never ever ht my back
so 1 guess that 15 both the worsting we
Horable Currently sabotaging summoners wytn to date my aferwards, but 1 know my a abusing my
D Anonymous
Best Took care of my Grandma, wno 1 hate, my a month and a she couldnt walk, go to the bathroom by herself, 07 even eat properly due to sometihng up my brain, because emmy other member of Replies_
my refused to do l Refused to accept money ham my aunts and uncles my l
Worst Told (and continue to tell) my system darkest secret, that she fucked That 07 when 1 wed to cut teaher hand D Anonymous 07/ 05/ ) 00 M No
Best Pulled a random woman back ham Mont of a subway tram
7‘ Anonymous 07/ 05/ ) 00 30 No 25825219 Worst Kicked my brother In the he had hm back against He had surgery because of l Not sum ifhe could have dyed because of I, but that' s a maybe
W D Anonymous 07/ 05/ ) 00 22 No 25825849 Best
l have evertone IS get stabbed when my theads were get robbed Gave atom stranger someone , and helped a better , and brought nym back ham yock bottom mentored a number “WM In elementary and mddle school
whelped 2 animus the keds
worst was necking a wallet at a a guy y dednt byke Stole a pack mummy cards mm a store
Worst t
us s u e a lon e aw san w e e a 22817112
new wes;
D Anonymous / 04/ 18 No 25823867 I D Anonymous 87/ 84/ 13( 25 No 25823987
Good Talked to stunde shy kds and helped them make theads several tatties m the past Worst Ran drugs amass state hues my They the whyte guy In a 5 year old car
Bad Took some orgams 1 know
news %
e S D Anonymous 87/ 84/ 28 No 25822941
nace 1 made my wno passed out everydays and fame fed ney
Best Gave aguy( booked/ a bum) a upstate wisconsin so he could goths mother heme she passed Was only 888 myles out of my way Also gave so he could get a
hwhut/ shave and decent clothes my l
so drugs we guy gave me 525, 888 cash afterwords ham hm Inductance the money to vacuous mod banks on my way back and bought anarhacker army wytn l
D Anonymous / 05/ ) 01 88 No 25825753
terable nearly strangled amend to death D Anonymous 87/ 84/ 54 No 25823444 Best Iwork at an “mew
news Best Calmed someone down mom hamon a nervous breakdown Inthe mddle ohm woods
Worst When 1 was muhreen 1 In snorting wytn my older brother and two (hands on a paw wno my brother had been hamon problems wytn we attack one and let
2 the other paralyzed
D Anonymous 87/ as Worst Passed out my maddie we nym
Stopped a suicude attempt nomas 87/ mam Pr"" w
Had my "mend" med and took 1 u;
Good Saved an acquaintance ham assault/ rape ham guy by making an excuse win get ney away we guy then throws syde and spats In my face, heme me 1 attempt to
helped a We W them "M" Bad constantly on ' gfriend, women aweek, my my ayeaa 1 lead several people on tyme and had many women penang my me, that my treatment was exclusive gothem
gneiss a couple m mm so badly mm hem they broke up , ' ad, l",' asdasd,,,? l,' :, " itay' i" ', Ct,// 2', u,, t, , know now, we been treat by them all accordingly we been mygems by most but there a small group wno
D A 87/ 84/ 13 3 53 N 25824511
D Anonymous 07/ 05/ ) 00 84 No 25824718 mm J
Gave a homeless Woman Good Falklands and strangers out , help people wytn we problems, be the guy wno nace to the outcasts, support my mentally challenged brother, " generously, and move
and l made aguy smash the face wth a bnyk D Anonymous / 04/ 12 No 25822800 Bad I' m a scam arms!/ con man, and good enougn to entice , most people never suspect
D Lord Boomer 87/ 84/ 48 No 25823217 Talked my best mend out
Had sex mm ms We years later p D Anonymous 87/ 84/ 13( 35 No 25823139
Worked wytn special needs keds at a summercamp my We yeahs Once gave a hobo in bux cause l M We l
stole mm me so l made mm mm seventh grade news _ to make ch/ dren aged 418 1 can Won' t know why 1 enjoy I,
Replies; D Anonymous 87/ 84/ 59 No 25823518 news: & & 23764
Nicest Talked amend out and helped Incredibly seiyuus allowed neato mo commutable wytn anually stable
D Anonymous 87/ 84/ 38 No 25823086
Worst Sold amend drugs, he overdosed and ended up anyays then a comprehensive retrograde amnesia Athen someone to at hm nouse blame on nym he
Saved a guy: we, but seiously wno goes my a week nake, doesnt take hm Epelepsy mediator, and doesnt tell anyone he 15 epeleptic
recovered enougn, and waye good buddy's
Got a personalised wno considered me amend someone 1 knew to be ajuhje and a sabotaged ney attempts up ney act zotnut she would continue to plague hm days mm 25323732 D A “man” mu m N
ML nonymous n o
Replies_ " Best Spent my weeks vacation my the year to keep my great grandmother company she dyed
D Anonymous 07/ 05/ ) 00 18 No 25824958
Saw a wounded deer wacking around Inthe woods, ran back nome to get my gun, ran back to the deer and put l down Replies_ _
D Anonymous 87/ 84/ 45 No 25823291
Kicked a 5 yearold Inthe head, as hard as 1 could Yes, on purpose We 1372992353834 gym 18 MB, 480x350, My daddy taught me afew( Wyn
D Anonymous 87/ 84/ 59 No 25823518
Good Promised my hang In dang so
Nicest Talked amend out and helped Incredibly seiyuus allowed neato mo commutable wytn anually stable
Eh Molested and coerced out wytn low selfesteem wno came ham a snotty nome where she was probably raped and neglected my most of
Worst Sold amend drugs, he overdosed and ended up anyays then a comprehensive retrograde amnesia Athen someone to at hm nouse blame on nym he - ‘:4
recovered enougn, and waye good buddy's
D Anonymous 87/ 84/ 42 No 25823246
Saved a Cat
Poached uguys dog Best Gave amend the coinidence they needed to make an important we decision My speech and adice was out of my ass on the spot, but l worked
Anonymous 07/ 05/ " No 25828061 ,
Good laye money has a problem, response 15 to throw money at them Moths mend fastening to them problems orwhatever, but yrs money Revue _ D Anonymous 87/ 84/ 88 No 25823548
Bad Compulsive lar and bully all my we My favouite do 15 have sex wth guys In 1 make them phone, have them my out a won ending along the me: Of 'l As a Tome my items men mm as death m privacy, but would be allegedly and may wth l m we so much that the creature wallet wth me a lot
love you', then put my dyck In them hang up 1 dont do tnys to ; notsure what' s stopping me
As a kyd Stuck by my mend even enougn the 'cool kds' dontlike mm, became my closest/ mend In ever, too bad he moved away year
22 As an adult
stole, led, cheated and used people Inthe gums orbman a nace guy my my own
Gave people random 07 close help whenever they needed I, but some me boosting my nace guy appeal, so 1 can rely 07 use them my sometihng
somedays 1 nope to be a Superman, but others 1 prepare to be Lex Luthor
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#1 - ohlookahollybush
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(10/16/2013) [-]
I actually found this incredibly interesting to read, Tell me your secrets, FJ.
User avatar #2 to #1 - GnRNoD
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(10/17/2013) [-]
I also saved my best friend (now ex best friend) from:
Drug/alcohol abuse
Getting arrested
Being Homeless
And years later I also slept with his only 2months ex girlfriend (also this girl is aparently the love of his life I knew this at the time, couldn't help myself)
I also semi-molested her (she was saying no, but she wasn't pushing me away untill she said "do I have to slap you to make you stop?" I then stopped of course, but this did happend after we had been together.
I used to steal money from my mother from 14 up till I was 17.
I threaten my brother with stabbing him
I took care of my grandma and uncle several times during the course of the years ( I did accept money from them but really low amounts)
I've helped tons of shy people over the years
I saved a stranger from cutting himself (during 8 months saw him a few weeks ago and he's back to cutting)
I used to do a lot of cyber (I'm not gonna go further on this one, I'll let you fill in the "bad" part of it)
I've done tons of **** I can't even start to name all of them, tho it's fun to think and ponder about it.
User avatar #3 to #1 - fargtwo
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(10/18/2013) [-]
Good: I was the driving force behind ridding my family of my emotionally abusive alcoholic mother

Bad: I spent time with her afterwards and lied through my teeth about not hating her (Which I did and still do with every fiber of my being) so she would give me money. I regret nothing. She practically extorted money out of my dad after she moved away because she was to much of a ******* to get a job and being able to take a chunk of her paycheck and let her thing she was buying my live was very satisfying revenge.

Worse: "Ridding my family of my mother" entailed making an ultimatum with my dad. Either she left, or I'd make the house unlivable for her until she left. I effectively drove the nail into the coffin for their marriage, but it worked out in the long run and everyone is happier for it except her.

Worst: I semi-molested my younger sister for years. When she wanted to stop, I encouraged her to let me continue even though it made her uncomfortable. I've never apologized because I don't want to remind her of it.