Good /adv/. I stumbled upon this and I think it deserves more attention than it got. I know many FJers will find it useful. I know its long but it's worth it, j
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Good /adv/

I stumbled upon this and I think it deserves more attention than it got. I know many FJers will find it useful.
I know its long but it's worth it, just read it.

seizes Eamon ' pug)
my use use Ills ulna In um: Isms t one I xmgtmw lellel ml: I so "eye. : me not In owl
so rm Mare no you ml that MI I. you om“: no In -t/ utg see him rm lo do
Are you all see. nu prtend lo Minds?
Well Nehwal were try see we you Hume sums melee muslin laughung
men I Mogul's? Because M Been m Tha we vol was eels 'tat/ tint/ t my Me and somehow manager's megs ems so much that everyday when lock.
rel exceed and loom I me I was a real see» we I was 'opressed all we Mme I well med lo on myself
so I tamed we ms In my and Ill. use you sell loo
because) you deserve lo we seem lime , lee so lust we
I and Io be The sleeps any (ml nu we ems that guyman riversides Ind else he lions " a Ins sunk no guy we Is gentle Ind me: Io
and no I we soul we sly much about h) Usenet arways kitens Io you see tally writs Io you
Chat guy ml ml comr/ ains no II . new you That butthat II mg arm wall: one _ next on I. mull win up
rel nvrmnd Inn hothot guy
L Anonymous . ell 17565641
as " (HIS Is no am! get ml In your use Meal no some all women! lee ms Wm: -thal woe 's up
lo we mp In oven mud so dole let poem was ems moo you In I use use I
was Imam with Inna all owl mm! . comm along and Ivy to all thigs In I . Jelly
Sn. I hen hem on ems ha I "allh." intend we no tick op Mes lo on gm one we h I ; while Sly we mam seems. Is
In In sell mun nu (tut yell my dothat loco. . lsoe. . ' Mm: the elem... Wynn Cl! your
lose " mun . I Ind gin: moms me go my see . II will sell. naturally you ll so the gm "Inf III. ts lessee mum meson you use the mum In m you.
so you doll ivan . ease ta (
moose new DWI» haw In we Hog: gel you - we». *' Man thte I an some .
I' m gonna was ms ye one acme I In my!!!" melee out we loll e and . lesa actually get lee _ , lull»
mad I I use lees ohlook: about psychology moose Mor fanwar , you Ilium I, M mad I
we Mahem mu ******** , KM some acully oped my we see I steril% ltmq that M ths seem
a ) aii 24 No 12155551
uh elem Myaa I thought that my wen my a my slow woman you catt EAI“ MAN eye. dont hm I woman. mm?
I shoutie that begetting the right wanna, my comm. will else. " megs wall get lollollol lee Samm mole I Ilene. gettig lee rum
as ******* MISTAKE I lost almost new you: only MI melee em I sun!!! to hang ole mth guys that mm "tumlbr vath . law we
with that VIM that attracted mm I ma I guy II some that ms Juno gel any gee tellme any pun: to go Melt Is In we see eels an
we he wasnt Ilse eel ales we some hint teleks Ills Io spend mm we elm Curl you elem
First ems I Saw me. In some I thouh Inns In a scam, I elem made sens: Io Ills I you db ms loo spend ems wmm guys I
I watched them have may talked Io Cornall howthee lumen, their my , INN was lees. my deal And because We use may nooks some thl
M (lungs In mached 'bairly we mil NI mad I (Vinny! that I we the illegel so one MINI around smell I asked mam about ther am».
them mot Mum awn dimly and picking up WEN!!! And II melee out thalmer mill! new have Io Ixplore ll At irst I thalmer eon mm Io sham
Mth me "Ill! hicks Mn sue INN s Wrrg will elem I mousse that they really elem my Me to some I They mule way something Ilka Myou
Ilka I on you an to Mr and you wk Io II _
was ht you Io lean and Observe)
u Amonomous as/ / salts 27 Na 11155516
m we t wand Io my and WWI’, rd my that " we eels the will Io meal my my
sud salim why mm guy: I?! Numb‘ loom WWII!!! % um! on butthat IDOL t 6' dnt mad: um: M "ION lust II melee as mu dong doom midi sees. lo M!
If yank one Is look all all Va meg some yd piling hum dltartg glow (l Imam limp) wall that allmost M that guys weant pole
with warnin may natural wry started I Idling we Hit)/ vi
so see I lot moms mum -erll we some melee. I melee with (him lee allege that M Ind see I '% lting to that Menu I m
In some mom my His ' wt: pelleellee see Maen a loom mule look at hint like ht arena Ills loom
But he elem we some this Cortex no no urn Inland loo we I on m I book to use some we I II Claped that my em than was of
mall than midi no you ml um! see we Malchy you one mole you your mouth? Women III mar no maing
my than else and it' I glue: my furthered to legs I guy his or lust
But In guy elem an knew some I and yet he ms dole; I In I way that penal: collada gm will was on In elm And ' Mmet him was . Ills bolle lees.
his so I me lo clung: my my language, I we ml Io s to Help ms - I dual! vols: (pathetic I know)
At Hm I Mt my was I had lo megs the my walked. m talk. "rating
I Anonymous () 16; 29 No.
we I mole do I consciously at we that II do II lung smell
it will become a part Mme I remainder people making o, Mme because owls ' a Anon, he' s tryig Io act cool one s luv Fr
I Icouldn tbe and ' ole vol the we Irma Ididnt We s **** and I tte so we Tens when I learned that I shallot be same
its part ones pairs process Metring an our or ‘(OUR COMFORT zone you will we and learn spool
Tun on I didnt at that the elm " II molly Was. so I dashed lo stay with we I use em sure II Milked And that was Io copy the things that successful Pus did
My mono - mistake Nat I believed women were the path ta sesame, I well use Io copy else
And we happenedd Well I ****** it all up yup. even Waugh I had the knowledge that most successful men dont have, it dim get ms But why?
I use my . we laid about I and Is inn ml Me, shy soulles\ I gm I lo we cu Inn What the **** was going om we was I missing?
L Anonymous : 31 no 12355592
This was I - New Far my I doomed Io gm up. and the loom I go we somehoe I moaned my as that this II WWII was and
lives can do seem II Fara days lam leave my mum [was degassed and angry
And then I we we when people laughed m mt and the that mall didnt one about I [ the beeting no [hit was wnough ml mt Is on me rapt' mmed
I goes I I lat Ind my the state multis. Musing w the Mung things
sol sid ‘To hell WI"! , I' m gems bacome our lot lust kidding
I decided Io In m spool the human subconscious and mm In the beliefs Io became s
The mos! Wags In Ills me Illa the mun ample things Because Inga. right In horn on when We dont wan trunk looking so they get
was only focusing on the gluon“. the lawn. willful the basic " we (lying lo n I I Nke whom learning new Io walk we
so intstead Milking ' Hurroo I became successful?” I asked we can I make success ‘
no answr his hip doom in our subconscious People as " the my we no well trunk as no mulls. then you will _ that
enjoyy no your will as ) the megs ta make that happen.
D Anonymous ) 18 32 No 12365604
But ffyou we yourselfes a successful person thatw/ l stop at noting to make the most than your
ell make that happen you need to lose your wth / e thoughts Even when someing bad happens to you (I cannot stress enough how " s)
you must DUNK of l as away to success Cellule does not masts as long as you learn rom It, 1' sjust agate to success
Ofcourse you ell lock up many mess. the world Is a nasty place, l personal and always take ml everyting that happens to you
This how you develop s strong mental woes Youre III control ofyour Ills, you' risible ml your own and when thigs get bad, look at l as a
challenge Pan and lose as ml bigest alles, em chase them away, use them ms Is where all the rom, moo learn how to use tear In ml advantage
ml success Is me‘/ liable and you' In control ofyour we but I you dont, we controls you
It' s SHIV a long way but you' onthe nght track and youve Just gettng started, you' ll Increase ml pace rom here on
Wth a / e , bench's and ell we you
D Anonymous M/ 29/ 13( Wed) 16 33 No 12365613
you must be "am I have no . we not good at anyting, what am I supposed to em"
Once again tho Is the wrong queston Instead of ml s . we your state or "WM III a way that hnds you
It' s not enough to get , you misstake acton, thm Is my only you can take that step
you will my my , anxious to do new tangs, you' ll my move contient an every once In ems, your old habis ell try to
elm you away rom your goals lyed a lazy Ills We I used to, thm Is WIN? to be a leg problem
Once again all the knowledge you have ml become noting woo em bestthe sht up you' ll also have to get elven your bad mulls
There are mole talented people among us than you wk. people ******* others and make achawgo In the world, but most people ml waste them
Valentina joseole because hablas We thm Dont be one ofthem, anon Be the people look win and adelle
J so No 12365621
And we the lees mess Mm: you have lee nudist‘ , lees when you gm yum my ass ole use and u something mole
you III In pom an to In: one. Mien Io s sum that you Ilka and memos you, I we
MOST NOT LOSE yew kelp: post's menial on nu %
But you will has days mun you hel wry gulls soles yenyan and lulu“: kicks in nu: -tow Ind we leek use we lg '@ yoiu_ isy, III on
gems ll see do _ I am! use Melly‘ " akin we some eels to blax ole you hm to some something that day that will ml and else» soled.
For manna I Guiana I poses. and I hm I semen. what! only we mole I so to use Ivan: for? harm But calms Imam I
cant ems that day, wake up In see I ems. Ev!!! III eon ml We ll amuse fl 'ont doles and I Ines wall We III. 2 we back
no "la we any I we do III some LAZINESS we cancer: m YOUR soul
Wynn I M soy. was an swp we / awn does . t mil him you 2 Hip: luck
you we eel eels. we ll yum behaviour I Isl so we mi. mu else you mm min you think
I mm Isle slam to Mill. lee am Pars look me MIMI My ml was welt hurpys and t ma levels
Hus amuse all the eels by anyong so still slows we see man mans: your secs as you on was
why you mun things II II. tom, " eel one es ell one: h lessee um bu. : wwe ' '
Wynn doom yell». always dune ymn get one yell». area's goose
Anonymous . oils so Mn lessees:
Most people mud loom Ill you loll, Ming new In them Elm: . Ilda
Van will In ymr Face's we megs ml! not uh ths my Incl They ml not be on this, ole
mm we theisman mm In '' Ye wad all your we my social awkward well my we Items on will
happen Io you They will say In Volta malls my on you nylon to o. now A ml we lo we lar you n nylons we longer
ere you _ no In hwy Darya's moms you elm; Io leeks yum we we
Ar I we has smell ell brown bettering " eel ashamed omen by: if: based III Furdom ll"!!! but
we men we r Ill . Is you escalope we noel no you he on mean some ofyour wall wmm! that new people deem Ills or' "
you' ll s megs , I will ha I Ittle say: we ' megs no we reel " they was
you mm New your sonny because you noel mow mu you are an)/" tots All Those Thoughts some when you EGO was
Em Mm II In EGO? You Inge Ilse somethig In we guy Ilse I no Igs' mull! that his very we we that he mole '' what
ale III tullym 550 II the pulse that Wu thak you In ' m ml That " mere lulu lung Plur lea eased Ell the Mid: togethers and trying try III I male
we sow ls sen. In need so Kym: leek wool I "charge" sex , amuse the muse that yew always melee to In Is
shady Inside you see he mules new ways wanted to do Is may In hard so W Sum. theyde
J Anonymous ) 16 37 no 12365638
I' m not tryig Io get you M make you fool better by saying this, In the hacking truth you CAN as WHATEVER you WANNA as
you we use to take manly: readmitted Ideal!
Nevr, as you get male and mwe cumment, we will things In a Mme detailed way and penal: mil aest, ewes we
I said sew that yuu dam Issues may shale In and ups Io on MIIA you want theyll came naturally use has ths pupal mods
Wynn II Io ens mow quality mums that you an noel and am Mlle elm nu ml II weal. you mad Io Income I belle
You now to - glam nulls Ind new do you m mew Primes, you use watt anyw/ out you go. as ' "this some
one allele, your Ind hula you we gatito Isles no . you' ll an Mtter, yum mu new people,
we women will - Bionic. new that we to no coulld you Just m II In ifyou masterbates Ike, you will as new people mu
amuse you ta use a because you them and you ham we was that attracts them
1 Anonymous as No 12365646
Another glee some Ming I we II that you' ll End m In was pl your Ills. Ilka getting a good yon. doing Illega that you
urn! Mdoing, um we always ulna pl you But the most meg Is that you WI" looses I mess that can will make
you alloy lilo you wont (val mad to get mused. mules e MI In we with you m (ha! I. youll doles
I talked saw about that guy Mat I met In college and we he said lo me some gelling women well like her, you go and (auxin nor we guess mew
I really ls that simpe: All this time We been Inciting tor I complex answer when it was all so simple no by leaking fora answer I was just making miles wool hr myself
I look ms was to - that
so me is success? ls I meg wealthy. Na
Success: II hello In semi # k and Irving I wee I And I shadings you Io leaks your no I mystics, me
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Careful, someone might think it's sexy...
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This is actually incredible and definitely worth the read
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