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User avatar #107 - legoheli
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(04/27/2012) [-]
Now listen the **** up.

What the hell is wrong with you people. I don't give a **** about the people on memes, but what I do give a **** about is the amount of hypocrites on this site.

Why do you want 9gag taken down, seriously? The only reason they're a problem to you is because all you ******* here on this page ever do is whine about them and then use their content here.

And now that you want it taken down, you are effectively supporting treaties such as ACTA, SOPA, CISPA and so forth, which is not quite what I have seen on this page before. How about stopping being such whiners and beginning doing as you preach.

Regardless of the people using 9gag. I've never been on there, never will, and I only use FJ because it is a SFW /b/ for school. Now grow up, people.
#127 to #107 - rawrfawr
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(04/27/2012) [-]
for ***** and giggles
User avatar #118 to #107 - dracosjaws
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(04/27/2012) [-]
The people who whine are different from the people who post from 9gag.
#119 to #118 - legoheli
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(04/27/2012) [-]
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User avatar #111 to #107 - riddlerenigma
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(04/27/2012) [-]
read the comment I wrote above you. we are sort in the same boat.